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I continue to receive feedback on the Family FQ Workshop. I wish to share some with you. You may also learn a tip or two from some of them.

“I just want to share with you how the workshop has helped me and my family. After the workshop, I thought of how to reduce our grocery expenses. That same weekend, I did not buy our seafood/meat, etc. on a random basis as I used to. I first wrote down the menu for the week with corresponding weight…

Marvin's slide during the Family FQ Workshop and CFA Philippine Retail Investors Conference

Only 6% of those who learned about Financial Literacy improved financial behavior! (So what do we do about that?)

Only 6% of those who learned about Financial Literacy improved financial behavior! Very alarming! Even depressing for practitioners in the field of Personal Finance. Didn’t we always say that Financial Literacy is the key to Financial Freedom?

That was the slide that Marvin flashed on May 9…

Group Pic

It was a great privilege!

Last Saturday was the culmination of a lot of hard work, anticipation, excitement, stress for our family.

It began in Ginza, Tokyo when we had our annual family goal setting last December 2014. We decided to hold a bigger version of our 2013 Family FQ Workshop. It was a daring decision, but as they say, “The growth is outside your comfort zone!”

The months that followed involved writing to potential sponsors…

02 FATHER Marvin Poster

The Head of our Family

And now it’s Marvin’s turn to invite you. The Honey graduated from ADMU in 1983 with a degree in Management Engineering. Soon after, he worked at Far East Bank & Trust Co., and that’s where we met. 🙂

Marvin will talk about how he leads our family on May 9. I’ve always been very thankful that he actively participated in bringing up our sons despite being busy with work. He is the founding president …