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FQ Mom Rose Fres Fausto 
Writer/Speaker/Behavioral Economist
Gallup-certified Strengths Coach
FQ Mom Rose Fres Fausto 
Writer/Speaker/Behavioral Economist
Gallup-certified Strengths Coach

What is FQ?

FQ is Financial Intelligence Quotient, the ability to make sound decisions and actions in managing one’s personal finances.

It is the IQ and EQ of managing money.

Any talk about money should be related to one’s core values.

Otherwise, no amount of money in this world will make you happy; hence, the logo wallet with a heart.

A high FQ is your
Economic Self-Defense!

Parents who raise their kids to have high FQ can sit back, relax, and allow them to pursue their chosen paths without worrying about their money situation.

We help you put
Financial Education
into Action!

There’s always a big gap between what we know and what we do. We help you put your money lessons into action with the use of Behavioral Economics principles.

What is
Behavioral Economics?

It is the fusion of traditional Economics and Psychology. With the use of its experiment-based principles, we help design your life to make saving and investing easy.

As easy as…

Once you’ve set up the system, saving and investing will be as regular and as easy as brushing your teeth!

Want to know your Money
Knowledge & Behavior?

Take the FQ Test now! Then share it with your loved ones, especially those who affect your money behavior.

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Learn more about FQ (Financial Intelligence Quotient) by reading these easy to understand books.

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The Emotional Cycle of Investing (a mini ebook to calm my nerves)

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