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“It’s the Traffic, Stupid!”

“It’s the economy, stupid!” was coined by James Carville, the campaign strategist of Bill Clinton’s successful run against the sitting Pres. Bush (the daddy, not the son) in 1992. This slogan was a huge success that it did a re-run during an integrity crisis in the two-term Clinton administration. The boy from Arkansas was not kicked out of the oval office…


Money is Fungible (6 Takeaways and 6 To Dos to improve FQ)

Money is fungible. Money that is raised or intended for one purpose can easily be used for another.

I remember back in the day when I was still a banker, I would be part of long documentation meetings where the lender would require numerous things to make sure that the borrower would use the amount borrowed for the project which was approved for funding. Because no matter how great your financial projections are, if the money is diverted to other use…