Martin Fausto invites you to join TGFI’s Money and Family Summit 2020!

Martin Fausto invites you to join TGFI’s Money and Family Summit 2020!

Feb 17, 2020

Martin Fausto, Managing Director of Brand’eM (brand audit and consultancy) is inviting you to the MONEY AND FAMILY SUMMIT. He will share how having a high FQ emboldened him to start his own business at a young age. Join him and a lot of other speakers at this two day event – April 4-5, 2020 at the SMX SM Aura, Taguig City. Bring your family with you.

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1. I have received several queries on my next public talks. Here’s one that you can attend and you will not just learn from me and my family but also from other speakers. Come to the Money and Family Summit on April 4-5, 2020 at SMX Aura. Register here:

2. Mom and Son Podcast – Year 2 Episode 6 (EXPRESSING LOVE THE HIGH FQ WAY)

It’s almost Valentine’s Day! Whether you’re in a romantic relationship or not, Valentine’s is an opportunity to show your love and appreciation for your loved ones. Because of societal pressures and marketing tactics, we are sometimes led to believe that we must spend a lot of money to show our love. We may believe that the more money we spend, the more love we prove, but that’s not the case. There are different ways to show your love and we discuss the 5 love languages people possess. It is good to know which language resonates with you the most, and especially with that of your partner or loved one you want to show appreciation for. Spread the love and join in on the conversation now!




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3. If you want to include better Financial Health for 2020 and the new decade, take the FQ Test now. Click link.

4. Have a healthy relationship with money, start by reading FQ: The nth Intelligence and sharing the lessons with your loved ones.

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