FQ Lessons in Action

FQ Lessons in Action

Sep 15, 2021

For today’s article, I wish to share with you a very heartwarming letter that really helped me have a most wonderful birthday on September 4. Read on to find out why.

Dear Ms. Rose,

I have been your follower since 2018. I watch your videos on Youtube. I just search your name and watch all the videos you are in. I read your weekly article on Philippine Star but lately, I have been listening to the podcast version on Spotify.

I am 24 years old, the eldest daughter in our family. I am one of the many people who have acquired a higher FQ (Financial Quotient) through your books, articles, videos, and podcasts.

I am not sure if you will be able to read my message but I will take chances. I am actually the winner of one of your contests back in 2019.

First of all, I want to greet you a Happy Birthday! I thought of writing this message on your birthday because I cannot give you anything naman po but my gratitude. I just finished watching your webinar at Home Credit and you mentioned there that our feedback is food for your soul. You have been a big part of my financial journey. I know it is still a long one ahead, but I know somehow that I am on the right track already. Thanks to you.

It was September 14, 2018, three years ago – September is truly special – when I watched you on Ms. Bianca Gonzalez’s vlog. Then it was followed by another guesting, and another, and another on her channel. I really learned a lot from those vlogs and it became a trigger for me to learn more and enhance my FQ.

It was because of you that I started making my quarterly assessments. I make my Balance Sheet and Income Statements now because of you. I also followed your advice of making saving and investing automated. I opened an EIP in BDO and invested in Equity Index Funds. #PayYourselfFirst!

I love how you make complicated financial topics so easy to understand and also easy to remember. I learned a lot about Behavioral Economics from you and now I want to learn more about it. FQ Book 2: Why Financial Education Alone Does Not Work (A Crash Course in Behavioral Economics) is already in my cart. It is just waiting for 9.9 to check out!

For my part, as you reminded, I am relaying things I learned from you to my siblings and friends. Since I was not able to start #PayYourselfFirst with my first paycheck, I made sure that my younger sister would. And she did! Now, we’re both on our journey to financial happiness.

This message has been too long already but there are still lots of things I want to say but I will cut this off here.

Again, happy birthday Ms. Rose. Wishing you a longer life to live for you to be able to continue teaching Filipinos how have a high FQ.

Looking forward to #FQMondayHabit and more financial lessons from you.

Cheers to high FQ!


Shiela Miranda Diwa

Via FB messenger

Wow! Shiela is really one great FQ Student and now also an effective FQ Teacher herself. I underscored the FQ lessons that she is now putting into practice, namely:

1. Quarterly assessments – This is from the FQ tradition of setting your goals and doing quarterly checks so you know if you’re on track or if you need to tweak anything. (Here are some materials that discuss this topic –  Goal-setting Template and Family Goal Setting featured in US show)

2. She prepares her financial statements namely her Balance Sheet and Income Statement (click How I taught my sons to use simple FS and Assets and Liabilities)

3. Automate your saving and investing. (click A DOST Scholar asks how to handle money and Help! I’ve been working for 10 years and still no savings!)

4. Observe the first basic law of money – i.e. Pay yourself first! (click First Basic Law of Money on Kumu and First Basic Law of Money read by BSP Governor Espenilla)

5. The importance of Behavioral Economics in our FQ and other aspects of life (click The Importance of Behavioral Economics and FQ Book 2 Author’s Speech)

6. Pay it forward. Teach your FQ lessons to your loved ones. (click Raising Children with High FQ and Raising Kids with High FQ on Mom & Son Podcast)

7. Start saving and investing no later than when you receive your first pay check. (click How to manage money for fresh grads article and How to manage money for fresh grads on Kumu)

8. Have an FQ Buddy for fun and accountability. (click FQ Community)

9. FQripot Tip of buying on sale what you really intend to buy anyway, and not just because it is on sale. (For more FQripot tips from celebrities, click FQripot Tips Playlist)

10. Having a high FQ is not a one-off thing but a journey that needs habit forming. (click FQ Habits)

I am so looking forward to more Shielas putting the FQ lessons into action. Thank you very much for your birthday gift of feedback. This is truly food for my soul.

How about you? What FQ lessons have you been putting into action? Would you care to tell me? I hope you have been with us in our #FQMondayHabit. We just released Episode 2 which is the FQ Test. Whether it’s your first time to take it or not, this is still going to be worth your while as some FQ Test takers still have questions about their scores and want to know more about the items in the test. This is your chance to do so in a fun way! I am very grateful to the FQ Team for putting this together. Even if 20 minutes may seem long for our attention-deficit standard these days, I promise you, this will be worth every minute of it.

After watching the above, you may calendar your Thursday 11 am for this show. Have you noticed how Pinoys have become super-Korean fans these days? Well, we have an OG Korean guest tomorrow. We have known him since he was in nursery. Today, he owns and manages a Korean restaurant, and he will talk about how it managing it during the time of pandemic.

See you.


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