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1. Monthy Online FQ Get-together. Access to FQ Mom and other FQ Community members where you can ask questions and share information and insights on the topic of the month.

2. FQ Tools. High FQ Balance Sheet, High FQ Income Statement, Goal Setting Templates, and other tools that help you design your High FQ Life.

3. Access to FQwentuhan guests. From time to time, I invite FQ Prime Subscribers to join my FQwentuhan, giving you exclusive access.

4. Learning sessions. Because I intend to be a student for life, we have interesting learning sessions – art, music, dance, make-up, cooking, baking, and other lessons you may request, and of course about money.

5. Book discussions. I learn a lot from books and so should you, so let’s get together to discuss books in the FQ Mom Library.

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6. FQ-urriculum. This is your High FQ Curriculum that will help you understand your relationship with money and align your money behavior with your core values. It includes important finance principles, the basic laws of money, and other FQ lessons.

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