Teaching Kids How Money Works

Teaching Kids How Money Works

Oct 27, 2021

Earlier this month, I received an interesting message from a mom with a High FQ kid. Here it is.

Dear FQ Mom,

I don’t usually check social media first thing in the morning, but today something suddenly came to my mind and I looked it up on Google. Then I found your article on Philstar and I saw your You tube video on Childhood Money Memory.

Very very inspiring! It brought me back to my childhood money memories. Ang dami kong naalala which really affected pala the way I handle finances now. I’ve also been a silent follower of FQ Mom since 2014 when I first bought The Retelling of The Richest Man in Babylon, which became one of my daughter’s favorite books. She was one year old when I bought that book and when I started reading it to her. She’s eight now and she has read your book several times already!

I taught her the value of managing money properly by budgeting, saving, and investing. She started with piggy banks, then we opened kiddie savings accounts for her na kasama siya including sa coop, BDO Kiddie Savers. She also opened her first COL account when she turned three. That was my birthday present for her.

Early this year, she wanted to have a scooter. Instead of buying her one right away, I taught her the value of delayed gratification (the third basic law of money). Tinuruan ko siya how to set goals, make a vision board with matching affirmations, how to save up for her scooter, and how to think of ideas to earn money to add to her savings. She learned to sell her artworks. She learned to make and sell bookmarks and story books, sell sandwiches and lemon juice, at pati load, hahaha! Last week, After nine months of saving up, she finally had enough money to buy her pink scooter at may sobra pa! I also taught her the value of giving tithes and sharing with others.

Thank you for the inspiration, Ms. Rose! God bless you more!

Last week, along with her scooter, I bought her a copy of The Richest Man in Babylon by George Clason at sobrang tuwang-tuwa siya.  That’s what she’s been reading these days, one to two pages a day lang kasi madaming text hehe, at kino-compare niya from time to time dun sa The Retelling of the Richest Man in Babylon by FQ Mom. 

Thank you so much for all that you do. Sobrang nakaka-inspire po kayo.  You’re also one of my inspirations kung bakit po ako nag-start mag-share about personal finance sa blog at sa You tube. Madami din akong natutunan sa FQ Book 1 – FQ: the nth Intelligence lalo na about core values. I can’t wait to have a copy of your other books like FQ Book 2.  

Pinabasa ko comment mo sa daughter ko and she’s super kilig haha!

Thank you again, Ms. Rose! You, Sir Marvin, and the entire FQ Fausto family are the best! Yes, looking forward to meeting you again soon!

Janice Germano Sabitsana


Start them young

Former OFW, Jocelyn Oftana, also created a You tube video about the three basic laws of money and how she taught them to her son, based on The Retelling of The Richest Man in Babylon. Also recently, I was tagged this cute Instagram Story by dancer, coach, father, and husband, Niko Bolante.

Basti trying to solve the problem on page 63 of FQ Book 2, Chapter 4: Crash Course in Behavioral Economics

Messages and posts like the above really give me a lot of hope. Let us all start our kids early on in their FQ journey. This is an essential life skill that they need in order to have a successful and meaningful life. Even if you lack confidence in your own FQ, you are still the best teacher to your children when it comes to handling money because FQ is not just a set of skills but a way of life.

Let’s continue this conversation of teaching our children about money early on. Join our conversation on our live show on Thursday at 11am. We will be having Coach Niko Bolante, the father of the boy who tried to answer the problem in the FQ Book 2 Chapter4: Crash Course in Behavioral Economics. He will be joined by his family.

Our guests this week on our Kumu show are Coach Niko Bolante and wife Joyce, together with their sons Basti and Alonso.

Cheers to High FQ kids!


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