Money is Fungible (6 Takeaways and 6 To Dos to improve FQ)

Money is fungible. Money that is raised or intended for one purpose can easily be used for another.

I remember back in the day when I was still a banker, I would be part of long documentation meetings where the lender would require numerous things to make sure that the borrower would use the amount borrowed for the project which was approved for funding. Because no matter how great your financial projections are, if the money is diverted to other use…

Put things in perspective (Behavioral Economics Theories to Help Your Investing)

Human beings have a tendency to overreact. It’s our nature. Each time there’s a publicized plane crash, airlines experience a drastic drop in demand despite the fact that air transport remains the safest. Panic buying ensues after a calamity. I remember a mother who sent her bright son to tutoring school after he got a low grade…

Asset-Rich But Illiquid Parents

Question: Hi Rose. My parents are asset-rich but not liquid. Now that they’re old, they need more cash for their medical and other needs. I’ve suggested to them that they sell some of their real estate properties. For one, their house has become too big for them. However, they are not happy with that idea. They also say that they want to leave something for us to inherit so they’d rather not. How can I convince them?..

Only 6% of those who learned about Financial Literacy improved financial behavior! (So what do we do about that?)

Only 6% of those who learned about Financial Literacy improved financial behavior! Very alarming! Even depressing for practitioners in the field of Personal Finance. Didn’t we always say that Financial Literacy is the key to Financial Freedom?

That was the slide that Marvin flashed on May 9…