Jan 08, 2012
The Poem BE THERE in the final chapter of the book

Today marks the first anniversary of the book launch of Raising Pinoy Boys (See The Launch). As I mentioned in my yearender, I am very thankful for so many things that have happened since then.

        I wish to share with you a poem entitled BE THERE which I included in the final chapter of the book. I wrote this during a writing class I took up under Tweetums Gonzales in January 2007. We were asked to write a poem that teaches a lesson. I chose to write a lesson on child rearing. I usually end my parenting talks by playing this poem because it somehow describes my take on parenting. I invite you to listen to the poem and imagine your own parenting journey with your precious children. I hope you enjoy the experience which is made special by the background music composed and performed by my son Enrique.

        Happy listening and happy parenting!

        (Please click this link: BE THERE)