10 Years!

10 Years!

Aug 10, 2022

This week I celebrate my 10th anniversary as a columnist at PhilStar.com! My first article came out on August 8, 2012 Raising Children with High FQ which was the original title of my column.

Prior to that, I had been writing regularly in my first website RaisingPinoyBoys.com since weeks before the launch of my first book carrying that same title on January 8, 2011. (Note that the contents of said website have been incorporated as part of my current FQMom.com.) Over the span of a decade, I have written over 500 hundred articles already.

From my first article to this article, my boys have grown into adults who now live their own lives. My relationship with my favorite person in the world (that’s my husband) has also developed even deeper. I have grown one decade older, and hopefully wiser, to compensate for the added wrinkles and joint aches!

So many things can happen in the span of one decade. If you started investing ten years ago, let’s say with just Php5,000, the typical minimum initial opening amount of most funds then (Note that you can start with lower amounts now.) and just continued to contribute Php1,000 every month, you would have accumulated almost Php200,000 now, assuming a compounded return of 8% p.a. Even if the assumed interest rate is just for purposes of discussion, what is important to note here is the power of compounding. There is a big difference in your future if you set aside even just a small amount of money on a regular basis, versus not saving at all, or saving irregularly.

It’s the same with my writing every week for over a decade now. If I just decided to write whenever I felt inspired to write, I don’t think I would have written that many articles. Moreover, I wouldn’t have exercised my writing muscle that well if there was no regularity. I wouldn’t have written some of the topics that I’ve written. I wouldn’t have reached as many readers if I only wrote irregularly.

Looking back at all the articles I wrote a decade ago, I can’t help but remember the lovely feedback I received from you. In fact, a great source of my topics came from you. Here are just a few of those inspired by your letters.

“Help! My daughter is developing an expensive taste!”
WORK LIFE BALANCE: Too Important To Be Left In The Hands of Your Employer

Is Your Teenager Ready For A Credit Card?
What To Do With Hard Earned Retirement Funds
“My allowance please, Honey!”

So, allow me to thank you all dear readers for joining me in this journey of sharing what I know, and remember that you have taught me a great deal too.

Here’s to the next decade of writing and reading and learning from each other! Cheers!


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