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Funding, Finding and Fitting into your Wedding Dress (I ❤ Weddings Series #2)

(As promised, here’s the piece from my goddaughter about the wedding dress. Although Queen Victoria was the one who popularized the use of white wedding dress when she married Prince Albert in 1840, the first recorded white wedding dress was worn by Anne of Brittany, when she married Louie the XII of France in 1499. Fast forward to the 21st century and brides still wear the white wedding…

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Who’s Paying for the Wedding? (I ❤ Weddings Series #1)

n some countries, the father of the bride pays for the wedding. That’s the theme of a movie with the same title, which somehow popularized the use of wedding coordinators in the 1990s. Incidentally, the original 1950s movie had Elizabeth Taylor as the daughter. Somehow, the financial burden is on the family of the bride. In some cultures the family of the bride still pays for the dowry.

Do you know that among Saint Nicolas’ acts of generosity and Christmas traditions such as putting socks by the fireplace and fantasy stories about Santa Claus passing through the chimney…

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I ❤ Weddings

Still high with the Pope Francis fever sweeping the entire country, I wish to give a sneak peak to a new series of articles and videos that I will publish in the next few days, “I ❤ Weddings.”

Yes I do love weddings. When I surf through TV movies, I always pause when there’s a wedding scene. I love watching movies about weddings like My Best Friend’s Wedding, Father of the Bride, My Greek Fat Wedding, etc. and so with TV specials of celebrity…

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Do you make your children believe in Santa Claus?

It’s the 7th day of December, the 18th birthday of my youngest son. I just realize now that there are no more minors in our family. It’s time to change all those ITF (In Trust For) accounts. We’re happy to have raised all our sons into wonderful adults. We hope that they will continue to live their lives with enthusiasm and purpose.

It’s been 18 years since I gave birth to our youngest. My doctor said I was going to give birth on Christmas eve but I talked to my baby…

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An OFW asks how to deal with business partner in-laws

Questions: Hi Rose! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on just about everything that your readers ask you. I am one of your avid followers, reading and learning insights from your parenting and saving articles.

I just want to ask for your advice about my situation. I am an OFW working to provide for the needs of my family and my future as well. I have acquired various assets and have some diverse savings as well but I think they’re not yet enough, so I ventured into the farming business…