Magical Healing

Magical Healing

Jul 08, 2015

While still in his early grades, my son Enrique had a terrible attack of hyperacidity one night. We had to rush him to the hospital because of excruciating pain. Back home, I tried to put him to sleep and his head somehow landed on my tummy. He was relieved and finally put to sleep. After that, he believed that my soft tummy was the one that took away the pain. He told his brothers the story of the magical healing powers of Mama’s soft tummy. Soon after, every time they needed comforting and/or magical healing, they would ask to lay their heads down on Mama’s soft tummy.

The author with her preschool-aged son Enrique
The author with her preschool-aged son Enrique


This morning I was having menstrual cramps that I decided to work using my computer lying down on bed with the computer pillow on top of my tummy. The pain intensified that I had to stop writing. Then I chanced upon one of Enrique’s original compositions on Sound Cloud.

The first time I heard him play this song was when I was seated next to our piano while he played. I closed my eyes to feel the music. I ended up tearing up at the end of the song because this mother was awed by the beautiful piece created by her son. I said, “Wow! That’s the most beautiful song I’ve ever heard! What’s the title?” He answered, “None yet.” Later on, I learned that he named the song For Mama.

Today it remains to be my favorite song and I’ve used it a few times. I used it as the background music when I recorded my poem Be There which is included in my first book Raising Pinoy Boys (the ebook version). When we celebrated our Silver Wedding Anniversary, we used it for the march of the bridal entourage and it was beautifully rendered by Pasamba’s Orchestra.

Today, this mother experiencing tummy pain played it, closed her eyes and just listened to the music. At the end of the song, her tummy pain was gone! Just like her soft tummy, her son’s music had that magical healing effect.

At the end of the song, I opened my eyes and wiped off the tiny drops of tears. Not only was my tummy ache miraculously healed, even my worries earlier that morning somehow lightened up. I smiled to celebrate that our mother and son healing powers have come full circle.

The author with son Enrique on his graduation day on March 28, 2015
The author with son Enrique on his graduation day on March 28, 2015


For your listening pleasure:

Here’s the link to Enrique’s For Mama (Best listened to with your eyes closed. :))

Here’s a link to Be There where I used the same song as background:

In a future article I will share how this song was rendered by the orchestra and used as our bridal entourage march.




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Photo Attribution:  Photos taken in 1997 and March 2015 during Enrique’s graduation.

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