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I ❤ Weddings

Still high with the Pope Francis fever sweeping the entire country, I wish to give a sneak peak to a new series of articles and videos that I will publish in the next few days, “I ❤ Weddings.”

Yes I do love weddings. When I surf through TV movies, I always pause when there’s a wedding scene. I love watching movies about weddings like My Best Friend’s Wedding, Father of the Bride, My Greek Fat Wedding, etc. and so with TV specials of celebrity…

umbilical FQ

Cutting the “Financial Umbilical Cord”

My oldest son Martin came up with this expression when he graduated and we stopped giving him allowance. He said, “Ouch! My financial umbilical cord has just been cut!”

Let’s be scientific for a while. The umbilical cord is the conduit or the connection between the developing embryo or fetus and the placenta. The cord enables the supply of oxygenated…


Christmas Greetings

It has been our tradition to make photo Christmas cards. It’s a great way to update our family and friends with our life. During the boys’ younger years our card would include their ages. I have a photo frame cum album at home that contains all our Christmases since we got married – the card, the nuclear family photo, the Christmas…