Ready, Set… Goals: 2022 Investment Outlook and Goal Setting

Ready, Set… Goals: 2022 Investment Outlook and Goal Setting

Jan 19, 2022

On January 13, 2022, our company IFE Management Advisers, Inc. (IFE) held an online event for our clients entitled “Ready, Set… Goals: 2022 Investment Outlook and Goal Setting.” It was a “by-invitation” event but I wish to share some parts with you.

My role, as president, was to give the welcome remarks. Unfortunately, I joined the thousands of Filipinos who got infected with the super contagious omicron virus. The boys told me not to worry about it, and to just concentrate on my recovery. Since I was only experiencing mild symptoms, I managed to write my part. I also recalled how all of them, including my two sons, Martin and Anton, who were infected by covid then, still carried out their parts in my FQ Book 2 Launch on March 19, 2021. Such is family, you are there for each other, for as long as you possibly can.

Welcome Remarks by FQ Mom, read by Anton Fausto

Good afternoon to all of you and happy New Year. Welcome to IFE’s Ready Set… Goals: 2022 Investment Outlook and Goal Setting Webinar. Unfortunately, I am unable to personally deliver the welcome remarks in today’s event as I am still under doctor’s advice to rest. Besides, my voice right now sounds like that of Darth Vader so this message is best delivered by my son, Anton. (Of course, Anton had ad lib here, adding descriptions such as my most good-looking son, favorite, etc.)

Prior to the arrival of the year 2022, some have joked about it as “2020 too” the “too” spelled as “t-o-o.” I laughed at this joke then, not knowing that I will be among the casualties of the highly contagious omicron virus.

On the nth day of my isolation, I wish to share with you 3 lessons I learned and re-learned. Here they are:

1. The lesson of humility and compassion. When you or your family members get infected by the virus, you can’t help but be humbled – humbled by your limitations to protect your family from this incessant virus, and humble enough not to pass judgment on others anymore when something seemingly avoidable is not prevented from happening. Then there is compassion. You will never really realize the value of a “get-well” message, gift, or offer to help until you become the recipient of it. So, go ahead, give this gift of compassion to the people around you who are now afflicted by any sickness or suffering.

2. The importance of taking a pause. When we don’t have a choice but to take physical rest, we can also use this as an opportunity for our mental rest. For my part, I have been watching Downton Abbey and reading a book about Channel. Yes, both are not FQ at all, and they are providing me the needed diversion. The former is a Netflix series about an aristocratic British family during the period 1912 – 1926, while the latter is about that iconic French luxury brand founded by Gabrielle “Coco” Channel. Both are giving me interesting insights on significant lifestyle changes brought about by a global crisis: World War I. While the Netflix series shows how the aristocracy was becoming irrelevant and obsolete, Chanel started liberating the females from restrictive corset in favor of comfortable chic clothes. I’m sure we now find ourselves getting rid of irrelevant matters, liberating ourselves from many things we used to think of as important and are now just keeping what is truly essential, as a result of our 21st century war on covid.

3. The importance of Goal Setting and Having a Plan B. We are believers of the importance of this exercise and that’s what Martin shall be sharing with you this afternoon. What started as a “gift-giving to Jesus,” promising to be a better person for the coming year when the boys were still very young, has evolved into an annual family goal-setting and assessment event that we all look forward to. I have discussed this tradition several times in my talks and articles, and it was also featured in a US online show called Family Rules. I am happy to share that a handful of families have already made this their tradition as well. Those who have requested for our template and have tweaked them to suit their family needs and style have reported happy results. (If you want a copy of our template, email to with subject Family Goal Setting Template.)

And here’s a reminder. Even after you’ve completed your goals for the year neatly, be flexible enough to accommodate curveballs. I, for one, was all set to prepare for my big 2022 new thing – i.e. to teach Behavioral Economics to undergrads at the Ateneo de Manila University. I was all set to devote this week preparing for it, and then covid happens. So, I am now in the process of implementing my Plan B so that I don’t get too off-track.

The 2022 prospects that Enrique will present may either excite or scare you, depending on how you perceive them to affect your respective professions and businesses. No matter what it is, IFE hopes to be of service to you as you tread a year that promises to be noisy (what with the coming elections?), unpredictable, and yet, full of opportunities.

Thank you very much. Let the show begin.

2022 Prospects by Enrique Fausto

Enrique, our Chief Financial Architect, gave an interesting and clear brief on what we can expect during the year.

Interestingly, Enrique was the guest on ANC Market Edge the following day to discuss stock market prospects. Here’s the clip:

Goal Setting by Martin Fausto

Brand’eM Managing Director, Martin, gave a short and fun version of Goal Setting. He started off with a discussion of Wellbeing.

Then he went on to a simple exercise on the specific goal-setting for the participants.

The closing remarks was delivered by our Chairman, Marvin Fausto, leaving everyone hopeful despite all the uncertainties that await us in 2022.

Here’s to a good 2022 to all of you, dear readers!



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