Of Giving Up Half of Family Income

Of Giving Up Half of Family Income

Sep 22, 2021

Recently, I was tagged by a finance blogger who called me her “forever idol.” Here is her message to me.

Hi Miss Rose.

Just wanted you to know that you were actually my inspiration in pursuing Personal Finance, writing a blog and a self-published book.

You see, back in 2018, I too had given up my career to take care of my son. I was depressed and I felt like I hit rock bottom.

So, when I found your book in an NBS branch, I hurriedly googled you and found out that about your career experiences and your decision to leave it. And I was amazed with how successful and inspirational you have become!

I felt like we had a lot of things in common. I’m an ex-banker too, I have a son, I like to write, I’m inclined to Ilocano peeps because my hubby is Ilocano.

Ever since then, I have been a follower of yours and I always listen to your advice when it comes to raising boys. I also try to attend you live sessions on Kumu and FB in the morning while doing my house chores.

Sorry napahaba ang kwento ko. So, sinamantala ko lang itong time na naka-chat kita.

Thank you for all that you do and for sharing your knowledge. I am really a huge fan of yours! I hope to meet you in person someday Miss. Rose! (3 green heart icons)


Thank you too Ameena – for your heart-warming message and for also starting your own journey in spreading the word of minding one’s FQ.

Ameena is also known as The Thrifty Pinay. She has also been giving finance talks and collaborating with brands. What more, she has already written her book entitled How To Build A Strong Foundation That Can Withstand A Crisis. Congratulations Ameena! Way to go.

Isn’t it interesting how sometimes our crazy audacious decisions bring us the most pleasant surprises? Little did I know that my decision to leave my promising investment banking career, together with half of our family income, would lead to what I’m doing now.

Yes, because we had to make do with only half of what we used to earn, I learned to watch our expenses like a hawk and also teach our children more deliberately about handling money. Here’s how I shared that experience during the launch of FQ Book 1. (It starts in minute 3:00.)

Now that we are already on our second year into this pandemic, a lot of us may have already lost our previous source of income. Some f us may have lost more than half of our family income, and it’s disheartening to be in such a situation. But what we can do is to really look at our skill sets, our happy activities, our existing network, even our charm. What is that thing that you possess, you’re willing to do, learn more about that serves a need in this world? Even something that irritates you right now that you can help solve can be the start of something big for you. I call it the individual’s intersection, God’s will. The Japanese call it Ikigai.

In today’s fast-changing times, we have to be open and quick to respond accordingly to pivots brought about by what’s happening in the world and what’s happening in our respective life stages. Always remember, success does not come in a straight line. There are lots of turns and stops. We will continue this conversation on Thursday. Remember what Ameena said about attending our live sessions on Kumu and FQ Live while doing her chores? Well, I’ve decided that instead of just listening and watching us, she herself will be joining us live to share her story. Join us at 11am on Thursday. If you have your money story you think is worth sharing, please tell me.


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