My New Project in 2019: Mom and Son Podcast

My New Project in 2019: Mom and Son Podcast

Jan 09, 2019

It’s week 2 of the year 2019 and I think the first serious and complete work week for most of us. This week I started a new project: Mom and Son Podcast!

Yup, this is pretty exciting to me because I’m doing it with my youngest son, Anton. Our maiden episode was aired yesterday January 8, 2019 at seven in the morning. I chose the date January 8 because that was the launch date of my very first book – Raising Pinoy Boys eight years ago. This was attended by most of the people who helped me out with the book.

Raising Pinoy Boys Book Launch on Jan 8, 2011 at Discovery Suites attended by Tony Tan Caktiong with wife Grace Tan Caktiong, Dr. Honey Carandang, Chris Tiu with parents Jerry & Lianne, Nestor Tan with parents Rufino and Ellen, Joseph Tanbuntiong with wife Gemma, and many more.

The launch of my first book paved the way to my so-called second wind. From an investment banker, I became a full-time homemaker, and now writer and speaker on money and family using Behavioral Economics principles. It has been a really good journey for me, that if I could only guaranty something like this for all young moms out there, I would recommend full-time homemaking while their kids are very young.?

Why podcast?

You might wonder why I’m getting into this when I already have my weekly column and my FQwentuhan. Podcast is an online platform that can be provided and consumed in ways that may be more effective than my weekly column and video shows, given our routines and daily habits.

In reading my columns I need your full visual and cognitive attention. In a world of declining attention spans, I’d be lucky to get your full reading attention for five minutes! We see a lot of reactions on articles from a lot of people who don’t go past the title. And that’s why article writers tend to come up with controversial titles just to catch the readers’ elusive attention. Moreover, they’d rather consume short memes than read an entire article.

How about videos? Yup videos are the favorite platform these days. It’s the closest you could get to actually experiencing something. You can both see and hear what’s happening. But again, because it requires both your sense of sight and hearing, it may already be a lot to demand from the typical restless consumer. Again, the attention span is short. You have to deliver your video message in the shortest span of time possible.

Both media (article and video) can’t be consumed while doing something else, like driving, cooking, etc., well at least ideally speaking. On the other hand, consuming a podcast does not have to disrupt these activities in your day-to-day life. You can guiltlessly multi-task! In fact, listening to a podcast may even enhance these auto-pilot activities such as commuting to work, preparing in the morning, etc. On the part of the podcast content provider, there is not much pressure to fit everything in five minutes, allowing for a better and more relaxed discussion.

Mom and Son Podcast

My youngest son is taking the lead in this project. Between the two of us, he has a better grasp of this activity. Although this is also his first podcast, he had a three-year stint as a student jock at Monster Radio RX 93.1 which ended last December. So he has better “boarding skills” than Mama.?

I also like it that we can discuss many topics together and provide our audience with the perspectives of a parent and a child. Nowadays we hear a lot of complaints and problems arising from the lack of open and healthy communication between parents and children. Hopefully, our podcast can help parents and children understand each other, encourage them to communicate more frequently and effectively, acknowledge that they don’t always have to agree 100% with each other but can still have a loving relationship.

For our first episode, our hot topic is bullying. I’m sure you had your share of conversations about this topic due to the viral video of a boy bullying a schoolmate inside the toilet. What’s your take on bullying?

Mom and Son Podcast is published every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month at 7am. You may also listen to it at your convenience.



Mom and Son Podcast published every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month at 7am. You may also listen at your convenience.
Mom and Son Podcast published every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month at 7am. You may also listen at your convenience.

We look forward to hearing your feedback. Do send us your comments, reactions, and even suggested topics for future episodes. We’re starting it out as a bi-monthly airing, I hope you can subscribe to us so you won’t miss an episode.

Here’s to a fruitful 2019 to all of you!wallet-icon



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