Lockdown Sunday No. 2 #SundayFamDay

Lockdown Sunday No. 2 #SundayFamDay

Mar 27, 2020

This is our second Sunday of the Covid 19 Lockdown. 

To those who missed joining us live on facebook on March 22, 2020, here’s the video. We started off with a dance led by my bunso VJ Anton, in order to share with you what we do as one of our coping mechanisms. Every Wednesday Anton leads us with a one hour dance workout, that really gives us all a good aerobic exercise. 

Our other coping mechanisms and the answers to your questions are discussed in the conversation. 

Please click this LINK to watch the video. And do join us again on Sunday March 29, 2020 for our Lockdown Sunday No. 3 at 5pm on FQ Mom FB page. Send in your questions and other topic suggestions.

Be safe and sane!