How to earn from Content Creation

How to earn from Content Creation

Jul 28, 2021

Content Creation is a very 21st century term, the time when the online world exploded. Gone are the days when any piece of article, video, audio, book, show, movie, news, song, photo, etc. had to go through the gatekeepers before it could reach its audience. It’s now a democratized world where creators can create what they want and reach out to their audience directly, wherever they are, provided there’s internet connection. This is true whether you’re NY Times, PhilStar, Disney, or a social media account created just a few minutes ago.

People are always online now. As they say, “Internet is life!” Everyone’s on Facebook, Instagram, You tube, Twitter, Tiktok, Kumu, and many many more!

Consequently, economic activities have transferred to the online world. A content creator can reach out and earn using the platform where his targeted audience hang out. And because it’s a rapidly evolving world, one must know the best platforms for one’s content.

You tube, which was founded on the contents of creators who didn’t quite fit into the mainstream tv/movie standards, is now populated by a lot of celebrities. In the Philippine setting, did you notice that when the Duterte administration shut down ABS-CBN, almost all of its talents started their own You tube channels? Couple that with the quarantine, and we see so many more celebrities having their channels virtually transferring their show to You tube on their own terms. The same goes with podcasts, which have also been on the rise. 

 For this article, I asked some of my content-creator friends this the question:

What are your top three tips on how to make money as a content creator?

Here are their top-of-the mind answers.

1. Wanderwomom

a. Create content consistently
b. Brand collaborations/paid partnerships
c. Join affiliate marketing programs or communities that offer campaigns

2. MyMomFriday

a. Be authentic with your content and brands will eventually recognize the value of what you are sharing.
b. Create engaging and relatable content, and tag brands you actually use.
c. Try to engage with brands and other content creators on their platforms. It can help you get your name out there and create interest towards you as well.

3. SalveSays

a. Be authentic. People smell fake people.
b. Know your shit. Being a content creator especially for personal finance is heavy responsibility.
c. Don’t depend on content creation for instant income. Baka ma-preysure. Do it because you love to do it

4. StarterMama

For me, it’s all about finding your niche. When you focus on one or two things to consistently post about, people will know what you can help them with and what to expect from you. Then it will become easier for you to grow your audience and partner with brands that you use and believe in and create content for them.

5. JoyTMendoza

Focus on the content, not getting paid. Be clear about your values first. Don’t compromise your values for the sake of money.

6. theBullRunner

a. Know your subject well and be generous with the information you share.
b. Know your target audience well. Empathize with the user and understand their behaviors, habits, and pain points.
c. Develop quality content but learn to release rapidly and iterate quickly as you go along. Read, fire, aim!

I suggest you go visit the channels of these wonderful ladies. You’ll surely learn more and be entertained when you do.

How I got into the world of content creation

Without intending to be, I have been a content creator for over a decade now. My journey may not have followed the normal chronology experienced by most content creators. While some advised me to start blogging first, I started by writing my first book entitled Raising Pinoy Boys. It was when we launched the book that I decided to also start a website with the same title. Later on, when the common favorite chapter turned out to be that on money matters, my focus was redirected to FQ (Financial Intelligence Quotient). Today, I have merged my old website into (So, to those looking for the contents of, you may just go to

This tita is now also in other platforms as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, You tube, Kumu, Podcast, LinkedIn. Of course, my books are available both online and in print, and my articles continue to be published in my website,, and magazines (some still have printed versions) like Feast, Health & Home, Crossroads. Honestly, nahihilo na ang lola! Hahaha! But it’s good to be in places where you meet the people who are helped by your content. They could be the most appreciative people in the world who express their gratitude on how that single chapter, or article, or video, or podcast helped them go through a life challenge. I always say this because it is true, “Feedback from my content consumers is beautiful music to my ears.” The truth is, one such feedback is sometimes the best compensation you can get from all your content creation efforts. 

Here’s one tip I wish to add. In a noisy world where “content creation may come cheap,” make sure yours is valuable. Continue to learn. Learn by studying. Learn from others. Learn by applying those lessons in your personal life. In the end, “the proof of the pudding is in the eating.”

Let’s continue the conversation

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