FQwentuhan with Enrique Fausto about TRAIN

FQwentuhan with Enrique Fausto about TRAIN

Jan 04, 2018

I hope you’ve read yesterday’s article entitled “Don’t miss the TRAIN (Use your additional take-home pay to pay yourself first!). If you haven’t, here’s the link https://fqmom.com/dont-miss-train-use-additional-take-home-pay-pay-first/


Prior to the implementation of the TRAIN (Tax Reform for Acceleration and INclusion), Enrique would discuss some of the implications of the law – even the different versions that were floating around prior to the signing of the law. Part of his job at one of the top foreign stock brokerages in the country is to study new laws and their effects on various companies and industries.


So for today’s FQwentuhan I decided to have him in our show to discuss the effect of the TRAIN on personal income tax. It would be good to hear it from a millennial’s point of view.


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