FQ: The nth Intelligence

FQ: The nth Intelligence

Jun 05, 2018



FQ: The nth Intelligence talks about this essential 21st century skill of handling our personal finances. Despite its importance, there is lack of proper training for it. The result: We see smart, industrious middle-aged and senior citizens not prepared for their retirement, despite having been gainfully employed during their younger years.

Find out why we have a hard time talking about money even within our family. The exercises in this book will help you dig deep into your childhood memory in order to understand your relationship with money, and improve on it. Learn about the basic laws of money and know where you stand by taking the FQ Test.

Take this FQ journey with your loved ones and the people within your circle of influence. Having a high FQ is arming yourself with Economic Self-Defense.

FQ: The nth Intelligence is Book 1 of the FQ Trilogy.

For more information on the book, watch the book preview:


The paperback is available in major bookstores in the Philippines at PhP385.00.

You may also place your orders directly with us, especially if you want autographed copies or wholesale purchases. * The books will be delivered to your preferred address for a minimal courier charge:

  1. Metro Manila address – PhP90.00 for small pouch up to 5 books; PhP110 for big pouch up 10 books.
  2. Provincial address – PhP140.00 for small pouch up to 5 books; PhP210 for big pouch up 10 books.


There are two ways to pay:

1. Deposit the amount in any of the following current accounts of Mary Rose Fausto:

a. BDO Current Account No. 645 800 8959
b. BPI Current Account No. 2280 1011 28

2. Email a photo/screen shot of the deposit, together with the following details to FQMomm@gmail.com and Rose@FQMom.com:

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* Discounts are given for bulk orders of at least 100 copies (special edition) of this book. Please contact FQMomm@gmail.com and Rose@FQMom.com to inquire


**You may have a combination of our different books in one pouch, as long as they fit in the standard sizes described above.

***For DELIVERY OUTSIDE THE PHILIPPINES please contact FQMomm@gmail.com and Rose@FQMom.com or Xend.com.ph to inquire about courier rates.