Aug 11, 2016

This August I am happy to join Crossroads as a regular contributor. Crossroads is a magazine published bi-monthly by the Catechetical Media Network (CMN-Asia, Inc.) in cooperation with Rex-Crown Publications, Inc. It is a convergence of thoughts, features and reflections for the youth. It is a supplemental reading used by some Catholic schools in their CLE (Christian Life Education) subject.

Through my friend and well-known parenting advocate Maribel Dionisio, I was invited by Crossroads Editor-In-Chief Rene Carvajal to write about money matters for the youth.

In this issue’s Letter from the Editor, Rene writes:

“As Crossroads continues to provide a balanced mix of stories to enhance your intellectual, spiritual, and emotional growth, we proudly welcome to our distinguished roster of columnists Ms. Rose Fres Fausto, more popularly know as the FQ Mom or Financial Intelligence Quotient Mom. Imagine the wealth of information we are set to learn about money matters! We are looking forward to learning about how to make sound financial decisions – yes, even at your young age!”

I enjoy talking to teenagers – not just my sons but also their friends. Through this column called FQ Mom Corner, I look forward to communicating with more teens, and hopefully, help improve their FQ along the way.

Cheers to High Pinoy Teenagers’ FQ!


My first article with Crossroads for my column FQ Mom Corner entitled Hello from the FQ Mom.