Book Trailer: The Retelling of The Richest Man in Babylon

Book Trailer: The Retelling of The Richest Man in Babylon

Oct 03, 2014

We usually pick a book when the cover is attractive, the price is right and we read good reviews or blurbs from people who are relevant to the subject matter of the book.

So I tried to do all of the above. I asked Joaquin Aran, the young son of my friend Alu to do the illustrations for me. I asked for the help of Pixel Pintura to render the drawings to make them come alive on the front and back covers. Then I also priced it really low at PhP150 so parents will not hesitate to get one book per child. It’s an activity book with personal records so it has to be so.

With regard to the blurbs, I went beyond the usual.

Because we have become so used to “edutainment,” mixing entertainment with education, I thought of coming up with a video project for this book I knew I needed to catch the precious attention of the reader in this busy stimuli-heavy world we’re living in. It was a big project for a short book, but maybe that’s how passionate I was to get this simple message across that I knocked on the doors (more of bombarded them with requests via email, FB PM, texts and calls) so they could be part of this project.

Fortunately, these people readily saw the value of the book’s message and they were generous enough to give me their precious time to do the recording. I will forever be grateful to all of you. Someone had to get out momentarily from an important meeting just to keep his appointment with me; someone had to squeeze me in before a long haul flight; some gracefully welcomed me to their homes. All of them gave me that most valuable commodity called time.

I asked ten key Finance people to read the different chapters of the book. After which, I interviewed them. I will be showing their individual chapters and interviews in this website in the days to come. Someone asked me, “So if I just watch the videos I don’t need to buy the book?” The answer to that is, “It’s up to you. For things that we want our children (and ourselves) to master, and I hope the basic laws of money are among them, having something tangible and doing activities about them would be more effective.” In fact, having the book at home and reading and working on the activities together will be a bonding activity and an opportunity to teach our children our money values, something that we cannot delegate to others.

For now I wish to share with you the book trailer of The Retelling of The Richest man in Babylon made by my son Martin.

You can also watch the video by clicking this link: