“If you were asked the Miss Universe question with an FQ twist, what would be your answer?” (Part 2)

“If you were asked the Miss Universe question with an FQ twist, what would be your answer?” (Part 2)

Dec 26, 2018

This is part two of our article on the Miss U question with an FQ twist. If you haven’t read the first part, click link to read the answers of JJ Atencio, Kenneth Yang, Ardy & Miriam Roberto, Chris Tiu, Jaymie Pizarro, Alvin Lao, April Tan, Quintin Pastrana, and Bo Sanchez. Here are the rest of the answers – from Migs Bustos, Tony Herbosa, Deanno Basas, Juanis Barredo, Ador Abrogena, Mylene Lopa, Riza Mantaring, Pia Tayag, and Ramon Bautista.


  1. Migs Bustos, sports television news anchor 01-migs-bustos“My father preached to me everyday the lesson of having a foresight. It is an important lesson for me in handling money, savings, expenses, and preparing for retirement. Ever since I got engaged in 2017 to my wife now, Mischi, almost all of my earnings were directed to having a family. All of my accounts I made sure I added her to them so we’re on the same page. Actually, Miss Karen Davila taught me that in marriage, dapat one goal and one mindset, because marriage works if there is teamwork. I believe that these little practices can help us achieve our goals. ?”


  1. Tony Herbosa, founder of Traders Apprentice Pilipinas 02-tony-herbosa

“Since I worked as an investment banker for 20 plus years, I was trained to avoid ‘risks’ all the time and to buy quality blue chips only. As I got older and more seasoned, I learned the importance of doing the exact opposite to make real wealth: the only game is to actually see the ‘silver lining‘ when most are crying bearish, or simply to buy and collect the right assets when it isn’t popular to do so, such as during a bear market capitulation. I learned that no person can predict chaotic market in the short term so the importance of ‘dollar cost averaging’ when such specific assets are not popular is a key strategy. The end goal is to stay invested within a booming Philippines.”


  1. Deanno Basas, president of the Fund Managers Association of the Philippines 03-deanno-basas

“What I learned in life is that true wealth is built up over time. But wealth is not just money but your health, your relationships, your accomplishments and aspirations, and your well-being. As a wise man once said, ‘The best time to start investing is yesterday.’ So live your life to the fullest, but also don’t forget to start and keep investing! That’s the easiest wealth component that can be addressed by a few good habits.”


  1. Juanis Barredo, Chief Technical Analyst, COL Financial Group 04-juanis-barredo“Hmmm…now I know why I didn’t make it to Mr. Universe. ? I’ve learned two essential lessons: Stop the unnecessary depletion of time, and the depletion of one’s ability to give back to oneself. Be proactive and do things in the here and now. Waiting too long is a waste of time. Raise your self-worth in all ways and enjoy the flavors of its fulfillment. It opens more doors for you to live the life you want, be what you want to be, and have the capacity to accomplish your life goals and passions all the way through your retirement.”


  1. Ador Abrogena, BDO Trust Head 05-ador-abrogena“’But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.’ Matthew 6:33. This verse became real to me when my wife and I decided to follow Christ and place Him at the center of our lives. Setting our priorities right with God also set our priorities right with how we spend time, money, and even physical and emotional energy. Spending on things that matter enabled us to better enjoy what we spend on, avoid debt, and grow our investment portfolio for retirement.”


  1. Mylene Lopa, Chief Marketing Officer of Sun Life Financial 06-mylene-lopa

“One life lesson I learned that I can apply to retirement planning is ‘First things first.’ It can be overwhelming to think about retirement planning when you also have more immediate and near-term concerns to plan for like children’s education, etc. That overwhelming feeling is not much different from what it’s like when you have all these tasks you need to do and you don’t know where to start. So as not to get overwhelmed and paralyzed, I make a list and prioritize either those tasks that are most important or those that are due soonest. It’s the same thing with financial planning, not just for retirement. You can make a list of all the future financial requirements you can have and start preparing for those that are most important, or those that are happening at the soonest time. That way you become more purposeful about your actions and decisions. Or you can divide your funds (as you do with your time) and allot portions of it for the different financial priorities (as you do with tasks).”


  1. Riza Mantaring, former CEO of Sun Life Financial 07-riza-mantaring“The most important financial lesson I learned is ’Don’t buy what you don’t need, don’t spend what you don’t have. Spend on what matters.’ We had one tv in the house while our kids were growing up, none of us are fond of designer stuff. What we did spend on were experiences – travel, bungy jumping, rapelling, whitewater rafting, hiking glaciers, ice climbing, etc. And education – we tried to give our kids the best possible. Spending on what mattered and avoiding debt allowed us to retire with a comfortable nest egg, security that our kids could live well independently, and memories to last the rest of our lives!”


  1. Pia Tayag, Head of BSP’s Inclusive Finance Advocacy Staff 08-pia-tayag

“The life lesson I learned is that nothing is achieved without putting in the hours and deliberate effort. This can be applied to planning for retirement because it takes constant and consistent action with a goal in mind.”


  1. Ramon Bautista, comedian, writer, professor, host, film maker 09-ramon-bautista

Hindi lahat tayo pinanganak na may beauty queen bone structure, pero puede tayong magsipag, mag-aral, at maging mabait para maski papaano maging confidently beautiful with a heart!”


There you have it, the answers to the Miss U question with an FQ twist. How about you, what is that most important lesson you’ve learned in your life and how are you applying it in your preparation for retirement? Maybe you can really think about it now, and once you figure it out, you can start seriously applying it 2019?


Do drop me a note to share this lesson so others may also benefit from it. Cheers to high FQ! wallet-icon





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