A Child’s First Job

A Child’s First Job

Nov 15, 2012

A few friends have asked to me to write about job hunting and first job experiences of my son after I wrote about having my first college graduate (I’m A Proud Mother of a College Graduate!). It was actually an exciting experience not just for my son Martin but also for us his parents and even his younger brothers with whom he shared his looking-for-a-job adventures.

Early on we agreed with the boys that we would stop giving them cash allowance once they graduate from college. As Martin would tell his friends, “My financial umbilical cord has been cut!”

Maybe it is our way of discouraging them to enjoy prolonged unemployment, which my husband and I sometimes see among young adults. However, we also tried to guide and support him in choosing his best first job. There is something special about your first job. You make life-long friends in your first job. Heck, I met my future husband in my first job! And reunions are always interesting because no matter what high positions your former officemates now hold, you still treat each other the same way you did when you were all groping in your first jobs.

I hesitated to write about my son’s experiences because I didn’t want to risk saying things that might “endanger” him in his first job. However, when I found out that he wrote about it in his blog The World Wink, I asked permission from him if I could share it in my column and he said yes.

So here it is, Martin Fausto’s write up about his first job (Click link to read 3 MONTH RULE). I hope parents, children and even employers get valuable insights from this.

Happy reading!