doubtful in-law

An OFW asks how to deal with business partner in-laws

Questions: Hi Rose! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on just about everything that your readers ask you. I am one of your avid followers, reading and learning insights from your parenting and saving articles.

I just want to ask for your advice about my situation. I am an OFW working to provide for the needs of my family and my future as well. I have acquired various assets and have some diverse savings as well but I think they’re not yet enough, so I ventured into the farming business…


Last Sunday I celebrated my milestone birthday together with the launch of my latest book The Retelling of The Richest Man in Babylon and my new website

Turning fifty is really something. No matter what the media, youth-preserving products, some delusional mantra of “50 is the new 30!” say, fifty is really old. As I say, “That’s why GOLD rhymes with OLD!” 🙂 My older sister…