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How to Raise Filial Children

Last Sunday we had a video shoot for our Family FQ Workshop in Iriga City scheduled on September 6, 2015. That’s right, the Fausto family is going to the land of Superstar Ate Guy. This is being arranged by Beam and Go, an online platform that helps OFWs have some control in their pera padala…

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Magical Healing

While still in his early grades, my son Enrique had a terrible attack of hyperacidity one night. We had to rush him to the hospital because of excruciating pain. Back home, I tried to put him to sleep and his head somehow landed on my tummy. He was relieved and finally put to sleep. After that, he believed that my soft tummy was the one that took away the pain. He told his brothers…

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Don’t Settle

Don’t settle! I loved it when I first heard the speech of Steve Jobs during the graduation rites at Stanford University in 2005. It’s because I adhere to the principles he mentioned, particularly this one about not settling.

What does “don’t settle” really mean? It means you will not accept something that is less than what you want. A very common Filipino expression is puede na…