Our goal setting tradition featured in Family Rules Show

Our goal setting tradition featured in Family Rules Show

Dec 06, 2019

While in the US for our study trip cum family vacation, I received a message from the producer of a show entitled Family Rules. She said they saw my content regarding family goal setting and would like to feature us. They requested for a short video sharing this tradition. We shot this in my brother’s house in Florida with the help of my nephew, brother and sister- in-law. 🙂

Watch this.



1. Mom and Son Podcast – Season 4 Episode 10 (THE IMPORTANCE OF REUNIONS)

Today’s episode features Marvin Fausto and balikbayan Bong Aquino, long-time bestfriends from Ateneo High School who had just celebrated their batch’s 40th High School Anniversary. We discuss the importance of reunions and the kind of mindset they have developed towards friendship through the years. Tito Bong actually moved to Chicago, USA many years ago and shares how to keep a friendship alive despite the distance. Join in on the kwentuhan and tawanan! Stream the episode now!





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Originally uploaded on Anton Fausto’s YouTube Channel: https://youtu.be/uVJtl–uh1o

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Some video clips from BYUtv.org were used in making this video.