It’s My Turn!

It’s My Turn!

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May 01, 2015

03 MOTHER Rose Poster

The title of today’s post is dual meaning. First, it’s my turn to publish my poster for our main event on May 9. If you noticed, over the last few days we’ve been posting the individual posters of the boys. Today is the momma’s turn. 🙂

The other meaning is what I’ve been feeling when I see my sons gladly help me in putting this workshop together. As you may know, I resigned from my investment banking job in the 90s to care for them full-time. Now that they’re grown up and they see their mom pursuing this direction of purposeful parenting & financial literacy, they make me feel as if “it’s my turn.” They come in full support to their mother who, they probably feel, gave her full support to them while they were in their formative years.

Thank you Martin, Enrique and Anton for allowing mama to share your stories. Thank you Marvin for your full support in these shared advocacies.

I hope to see you all on May 9. Click this link.