I ❤ Weddings

I ❤ Weddings

Jan 17, 2015

Still high with the Pope Francis fever sweeping the entire country, I wish to give a sneak peak to a new series of articles and videos that I will publish in the next few days, “I ❤ Weddings.”

Yes I do love weddings. When I surf through TV movies, I always pause when there’s a wedding scene. I love watching movies about weddings like My Best Friend’s Wedding, Father of the Bride, My Greek Fat Wedding, etc. and so with TV specials of celebrity weddings.

I chose the month of January to start this series because weddings signal new beginnings and high hopes just like the first month of the year. And of course, the Pope’s no. 8 in his list of New Year’s Resolutions is “Make commitments, such as marriage.”

Today is the wedding day of my niece, goddaughter, and since Marvin and I don’t have a daughter, she’s our quasi-daughter. My sons consider her their older sister. And so today we are all excited to attend this milestone event.

I will be sharing with you things about the four weddings (yes you read that correctly) Marvin and I have had in our 25 years of being married. I will also ask other people to contribute to this series so I can bring you more perspectives (and photos and videos, hopefully).

Weddings have come a long way since our very first in 1989. For one, wedding photography has taken a whole new level, that pre-nuptial photo shoots are now a standard feature in wedding packages.

Let me leave you with a sample pre-nup photo for today’s wedding, which was used as reminder to the guests. This is the cute text that her fiancé posted on their Facebook event:

Only three days left! Just a couple of reminders:

  1. Coat & tie for men, long gown for the ladies.
  2. Pope Francis is coming! Not to our wedding, but traffic flow may be a bit more unpredictable than usual.

See you soon! (and he ends with a big smiley)

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