Your Future Self with Hal Hershfield

Your Future Self with Hal Hershfield

Jul 07, 2023

Do you think about your FUTURE SELF a lot? Or are you always caught up with your PRESENT SELF, or worse, deceived by your FILTERED SELF that you use in your social media posts? Hahaha!

Anyway, I invite you to watch this interview if you want to LEARN SOMETHING NEW ABOUT YOURSELF and HAVE A HAPPY AND HEALTHY RETIREMENT – or maybe we should call it the “Third Act” because you don’t need to retire if you don’t want to, hopefully, by choice.

In this video, HAL HERSHFIELD talks about his research, which sits at the intersection of psychology and economics, examines the ways we can improve our long-term decisions. He earned his PhD in psychology from Stanford University. Prior to that, he graduated as magna cum laude at Tufts University with an BA in Psychology and English.

He is now a Professor of Marketing, Behavioral Decision Making, and Psychology at UCLA’s Anderson School of Management. He is committed to the work of helping people make better long-term decisions. And you should all get a copy of his freshly published book entitled YOUR FUTURE SELF (How to Make Tomorrow Better Today).