We’re on the cover of Kerygma Magazine!

We’re on the cover of Kerygma Magazine!

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Jun 05, 2016

We wish to thank Kerygma magazine for having us on the cover of their June 2016 issue. Thanks to Tess and her happy staff of writer, photographer and make-up artist! We had a fun afternoon sharing with you our family stories, which you captured so well in your magazine. I was surprised and thrilled to see my sons’ answers as I didn’t hear their interview part that afternoon. In the vernacular we say, “Nakakataba ng puso!” And of course, thank you to my Honey for his still nakakakilig na pag-ibig!” Reading this article made me feel like I’m the luckiest girl in the world. Mwah!


Forward. Intense. Ideal.
by Maymay R. Salvoso

         It was a lovely Sunday afternoon when the Fausto family welcomed the Kerygma staff to their warm and cozy home. The Faustos are known for their advocacy in financial literacy, especially for kids.

         Their only rose, the queen of the house, Rose Fres Fausto, ushered us to their den where we prepped up for the makeup and interview sessions-which was more like a lovesome chat with one of the sweetest pairs I know now.

        When Marvin stepped in, Rose introduced him to us as her “favorite person in the world.” Even after 27 years of being married, Marvin and Rose Fausto looked at and laughed with each other as if they’ve just gotten engaged yesterday. No wonder they are able to raise three responsible sons – Martin, Enrique and Anton – whom every parent will definitely be proud of.

       Martin, 26, is a Gallup-certified Strengths Coach and owner of his own brand consultancy firm, Brand’eM.

         Enrique, 23, is an assistant manager of a universal bank.  

        Anton, 19, is a BS Management major in Communications Technology student who conquers the stage as event host.

      The Faustos open up about how the couple makes their marriage stronger, how the boys perceive their family, and how they keep their family intact.

Image 02
                                        The family that eats, bonds, and goes to vacations together – the Faustos.


On Friendship and Courtship
Rose: We used to be officemates and we were very good friends. Marvin knew what I liked and disliked in guys. I also knew about his dates. Until one day, Marvin called me at the office and said “I saw you in your pretty dress today.” It was weird. He added. “Why don’t we just go out instead?” I was like, “What?!”

Marvin: It wasn’t a sudden thought, though. Since we were close, I got to know her more, and vice versa. I felt that we would be great partners because our personalities complemented each other. I came to see how amazing she was so I invited her out.

Rose: The good thing about being friends is there’s no best foot forward. We knew each other truthfully. That’s why I always tell our sons to surround themselves with marrying type of women so they would know them as friends. If they enter into a deeper relationship, they wouldn’t have a hard time adjusting. It will be natural.


On Marriage and Family Life
Marvin: Ever since we got married until today, we enjoy each other’s company. It’s as if we’re just in a playhouse. Masaya lang. It’s really a good thing that we started as friends. We’re partners. We share the same family values, even in money matters. We are also faithful to our Fridates.

Rose: After almost 27 years, we are still very fond of each other. Our friendship grows. Maybe because early on, we decided to always love each other. To always be happy. A great marriage is something that you decide on every day and you commit to it.

Marvin: When Rose gave birth to Martin. I was nervous and excited at the same time. I feared that something bad might happen to her while giving birth. But all my worries faded when Martin came out. It was one of the happiest days of my life. As we always say, our children are God’s greatest gifts to us, and our children are our greatest gifts to the world.



On Setting Priorities and Raising their Kids
Rose: Choosing to be a housewife was not easy, but it’s been worth it. I have no regrets. I just got promoted as assistant vice president when I opted to be a full-time mom. For me to sustain my position, I had to sacrifice family time. Whenever I got home, I was too tired to attend to the kids. Enrique was about one year old then, but he would look at us with sadness and longing. It was painful. But I never saw myself as a full-time housewife. I’ve always been career-oriented; all my role models were. Fortunately, I realized early on that raising kids would be so complicated. I didn’t want my children to have what’s only left of my time and energy. So I resigned. I chose my kids. I didn’t fool myself that I can do both at the same time. If something’s got to give, it’s not going to be my family.

Marvin: During that time, Martin was so active while Enrique seemed to be a quiet one. Rose and I talked to each other and although we would lose half of the family income, we prioritized our family. We lived simply, anyway. We stayed in our apartment but we were building our house.” We kept praying. We trusted God. As long as we love and have each other, we’re fine.

Rose: In my first months at home, I read books. I attended seminars. I developed myself and imparted everything that I learned to our kids in the way that they could understand. It made us closer. Marvin’s love and support made it easier for me to embrace my role as a housewife. He didn’t and still doesn’t make me feel any less. It kept me going.

Since our sons’ childhood years, we made sure we regularly eat dinner together. That’s when we get to know them more. We notice if something’s bothering them and ask them how are they. I encourage them to say how they feel and to really open up. More than family vacations, what’s important is the regular mealtime together.

Marvin: I think the reason why we have a happy family is because we have a happy marriage. My wife’s happiness is my priority. Happy wife, happy life. If I had to decide on something, I consider her first. If it conflicts with my family, it’s an automatic no. It’s not always easy. I have to adjust. But when I remember my priority, it brings me back to my path.

On Being Her Husband
Marvin: Rose is someone who brings out the best in us. She wants us to maximize our potentials. She never gives up on us. She pushes us to be best but she does it with love. I am sure that whatever God has planned for me to do will materialize because I have Rose to help maximize the gifts God has given me. I know I’ll be a better person because Rose loves me.

On Being His Wife
Rose: Marvin helps me know and embrace my role in our family at certain stages. He assured me through his word and presence that whatever happens, he loves and supports me all the way. I’ve got no insecurities or reasons to compete with his work, colleagues or anything. It helped me cope with what was on hand. I’m very happy with what I do now–sharing my experiences which are based on that major decision. And this wouldn’t have happened if he didn’t love me enough. Until now, Marvin is my cheerleader. I’m confident as I am because of his love for me.

On to Forever
Rose: Twenty-three years from now, I see myself marching again on our anniversary. I’ll wear my original wedding gown for the third time (the second time was during our silver wedding anniversary). And we’ll be enjoying our grandchildren.

Marvin: I think we would be experiencing what life is, enjoying each other. Eating out. Watching movies. Whatever, as long as we’re together. Forever.

Image 04
                                                                                    A happy family borne out of a happy marriage.

And there can be no better witnesses to this overflowing love but their kids. When asked to describe their family in one word, here’s what they’ve got to say:

Martin: Forward. Because as a family, we are geared towards a direction. We may have different personalities but we have one goal, especially with my mother’s character. She’s a maximizer, but it’s fun. No pressure. We don’t settle for “Ok lang.” Looking back, I can say that we were never stuck in a place. We encourage one another. We make it a point to be involved in each other’s lives–personal life, lovelife, even TV series. We are naturally involved with each other.

Enrique: Intense. When I go out with friends, I’m more confident and loud. But here, I’m more laid-back. It’s like the average. Everyone here is intense already, but in a good way. We’re moving towards something which I like.

Anton. Ideal. I don’t mean to brag but I think this is how a family’s supposed to be. It checks all the boxes. Very supportive. Very loving. They’re the first persons to praise you, but also the first to correct you if what you’re doing is not right. To teach you your manners, how you’re supposed to be. It may sound proud, but I’m not here to put down the other families. I just think how we are is really how a family should be.

Left to right: Enrique (2nd son), Martin (1st son), Anton (3rd son)
                                                       Left to right: Enrique (2nd son), Martin (1st son), Anton (3rd son)

         Indeed, a love that is nurtured by and within a family is a love that can empower every family member to face whatever comes their way. It’s a love that carries every member forward, intensifies the relationship, and makes every ideal family come to life.
        All that came alive that one lovely Sunday afternoon. Screen-Shot-2014-06-03-at-3.34.44-PM