WELCOME to RaisingPinoyBoys.com

WELCOME to RaisingPinoyBoys.com

Dec 01, 2010

Welcome to Raising PinoyBoys.com. I created this site to be the interactive partner of my book Raising Pinoy Boys. In the book, I candidly share with you my two decades of experiences as a mother of three wonderful boys, Marty, Enrique and Anton. I also share with you the parenting stories of successful men and boys that my sons and I admire. These successful men are Lance Gokongwei, Tony Meloto, Tony Tan Caktiong, Bo Sanchez, Brothers Nestor, Raul and Lorenzo Tan, and Chris Tiu. The boys admired by my sons are Evan Chen, Jasper Tan and Rafa Antonio.

     This site is for you, for me and for everyone involved in rearing boys. I want to hear your comments, suggestions and stories too. I hope that eventually we will create a community of families sharing experiences, knowledge and important information which will be a support group for all of us as we tackle one very important endeavor – raising our Pinoy Boys well.

To see a preview of the book, please click on the tab SNEAK PREVIEW OF THE BOOK on the right pane.

After you read each chapter, I invite you to write down your comments and stories about the topic.

     If you have any question, there are two ways to ask. First, you may send me your question by clicking the above tab ASK QUESTION. In this tab, there are 2 choices, ASK ROSE if you want my opinion; and ASK THE BOYS, if you want to hear from the point of view of a son. Although receiving our answer in private is an option, I encourage you to share so others can also learn from it. If you opt to share, I will post your question together with my or my sons’ answer.

     The second way of asking your question is by starting a Topic Thread yourself. Click the above tab TOPICS and write down your questions. This will be immediately published and open for all the site users to reply to.

     One feature of this site that excites me is the private journal that it provides each registered user. I personally know how important journaling my thoughts, feelings, to do list, etc. to my parenting. It is a lot easier to jot all these things in one place. It can be frustrating when after doing your list on a sheet of paper, you realize that you can’t find the paper anymore. As we increase our use of personal computers, I thought of offering you a journal where you can jot down all your notes. No need to carry around your notebook or lose those lists on loose sheets. It also gives the option to keep your journals private or to share for others to learn from in one click.

     I’m very excited to hear from you. Let’s join forces and share what we know in order to build a greater nation. I believe the best thing we can do for our country is to raise our children well. Thank you very much and welcome to the community of RaisingPinoyBoys.com!

Rose Fres – Fausto