RAISING MONEY SMART KIDS (The Workshop Experience)

RAISING MONEY SMART KIDS (The Workshop Experience)

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Mar 22, 2012
Raising Money Smart Kids at the Crowne Plaza on March 17, 2012

Last Saturday March 17, 2012 I conducted a half day workshop with parents and children at the Crowne Plaza entitled Raising Money Smart Kids. I was fully supported by my family. My sons Martin, Enrique and Anton had their individual turn to share their experiences and the participants just loved them. Oh! even my husband who just came for support (and as a videographer) was asked a couple of questions during the open forum. It was truly a family affair!

The workshop was a success. Reading the feedback forms was heartwarming. I was thrilled to receive emails from some of the participants to inform me that they already did a few steps towards financial literacy within the next 48 hours as I requested them to do. I’m sure they’re now on their way to being financially happy parents and children. 

Thammie Sy, a well followed mom blogger who attended the workshop, wrote two articles about it. I wish to share them with you. Please click the links below.

Raising Money Smart Kids (1st article)

Make It A Family Affair (2nd article)

A big thanks to Thammie, the participants, RFP (Registered Financial Planners) and all my boys!

Happy reading!