Pearl Wedding 1930s Couple Dance #ILoveWeddings

Pearl Wedding 1930s Couple Dance #ILoveWeddings

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Aug 22, 2019

Since our theme for our Pearl Wedding was 1930s, we wanted to use an old song for our dance. When I went through Michael Buble’s spotify playlist, I fell in love with the beat of You Make Me Feel So Young. Then when I researched on the initial release of the song, I found out it was after 1930s. My second choice was I Only Have Eyes for You, which was released in 1934. However, both my dance partner (Marvin) and choreographer (Anton) voted to still use the former song so that’s what we used.

I’m a big fan of tap dancing and if I had only prepared earlier for this, I would have tried harder to channel our inner Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers for this, hahaha!

It’s a good thing that with the help of my favorite choreographer, there was a short segment of tap in it. Thank you VJ Anton! J He has choreographed not just hiphop dances but also a good number of first dances for couples performed on their wedding day, some of them he also hosted. You may reach him through these contact channels:


Twitter and Instagram: @doremifausto

Contact Number: 0905 330 9213

Oh by the way, in case you missed this week’s article, dancing with your spouse helps you have a great marriage and is now being prescribed by marriage counselors, whether your marriage is on the rocks or not. To read article, click here:

To watch our short dance which we did upon entering the reception area, please click the thumbnail.



1. On Friday, for our #FQwentuhan, I’ll share our sons’ dance special number again choreographed by Anton, and performed with brothers Martin and Enrique. We are very proud of their work and we really felt their love for us on this momentous occasion. ?


From the bunso:

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(Originally uploaded in Anton Fausto’s YouTube channel:

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You may now purchase the book in major bookstores, or if you want autographed copies, please go to FQ Mom FB page (click SHOP), or (click BOOKS), or email us at

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