Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

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Apr 05, 2015

Happy Easter Everyone! This Holy Week our family stayed home as we usually do. There had only been a couple of times when we went out during the Holy Week due to no available vacation schedules, and in both instances, we hoped we were just home doing our usual stuff. These are:

  1. Culling through our things, which is our version of spring cleaning. I highly recommend this family tradition as it forces each member to get rid of unnecessary clutter and free up some closet space. Moreover, you get re-acquainted with your forgotten clothes, shoes and other belongings.

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  1. Stations of the Cross – for a few years now, we’ve been doing it in BGC. This version by Church Simplified is more relevant to the boys and even to Marvin and me. Each station has a course of action. But maybe someday, we’ll do the visita iglesia version again and really target beautiful churches we haven’t been to.

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  1. Eat fishballs and other street food in UP – this is a delight to all of us which we usually do after our stations of the cross



  1. Watch movies about Jesus – we usually pick a couple of movies and watch together then have a little discussion after.

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  1. Online retreat – I do my online retreat care of Fr. Johnny Go, and every year I still get new insights from the experience.



This year the one big addition to our Holy Week activities was our marathon meeting on the Family FQ Workshop by the Faustos slated on May 9, 2015.

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We discussed each part of the event and each one had a valuable contribution. It was tiring but this mom was so fulfilled. I, together with my husband Marvin, was so amazed and really proud to see how the boys come up with the most wonderful ideas. I will not preempt the surprises but let me just say this: It will be a really great bonding and learning experience for the whole family. We really hope you can come.

On the side, I was also finalizing the release of the Pinoy version of The Retelling of The Richest Man in Babylon. This is an exciting book because it is in collaboration with Ron Capinding, a great Filipino teacher at the Ateneo High School, a writer, director, actor and sought after translator. I couldn’t think of any better person to translate the book for me. (I will write more on this in a future article).

The good news is we will be able to launch it on May 9 as well. As our family’s Easter gift to those who will register early for the workshop, we will give a free autographed copy of the book. All participants who register on or before April 17, 2015 will be entitled to this gift and will be available on May 9, 2015.

Easter Special


Again, here’s wishing that you and your family had an opportunity to pause, reflect, reconnect and do other meaningful things during the Holy Week.