Financial Education Stakeholders Expo 2019

Financial Education Stakeholders Expo 2019

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Nov 27, 2019

On November 25 to 26, 2019 the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas held its annual Financial Education Stakeholders Expo.

This event was started last year when the late governor Nesting Espenilla was still around. He was a champion of financial inclusion, and that was why he gamely joined my video series project on The Retelling of The Richest Man in Babylon. (Click First Law of Money as read by the governor, and Childhood Money Memory of Gov. Nesting to know more about him.)

My participation last year was to speak about Behavioral Economics at the plenary, then later on moderated the panel discussion on financial innovations. (Click BSP FinEd Expo 2018)

This year, newly appointed Governor Ben Diokno delivered the opening remarks.

Governor Ben Diokno delivering the Opening Remarks

The expo was the venue of the launch of the Financial Education Integration Policy and Roadmap. Congratulations to DepEd, represented by Undersecretary Annalyn Sevilla, Pia Roman Tayag, Managing Director at BSP and the head of the expo, and everyone involved in this project.

From left to right: Kelly Hattel (ADB Senior Financial Sector Specialist), the author, Chuchi Fonacier (BSP Deputy Governor), Annalyn Sevilla (Undersecretary of the Department of Education), Pia Roman Tayag (Managing Director at BSP and Head of the Expo)

For 2019 my role was to moderate the session on Investing in the Stock Market. The audience consisted of beginners and long-time players in stock market investing.

The session was hosted by John Garcia, the Assistant Department Head of Marketing Services of the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE). 

Event Host, PSE Assistant Department Head, Marketing Services

PSE COO Roel Refran who’s a CPA lawyer (top 4 in bar exams and also among the top 20 in the CPA board) gave his welcome remarks. Oh, did you know that he was also a bronze medalist during the Mr. Philippines competition in 2002 and 2004?

Welcome remarks by CPA Lawyer Roel Refran

This was followed by a Stock Market 101 talk by Sarah Padilla, the energetic Assistant Manager at the Market Education group of PSE. I was pleasantly surprised to see FQ Mom term “YAGO” (You Also Grow Old) in her presentation. 🙂

PSE Assistant Manager, Market Education Group

She was followed by Grace Calubaquib, Assistant Vice President and Head of the Surveillance Department, which has been spun off as a separate entity called CMIC (Capital Market Integrity Corp.) She talked about Investor Protection, a very timely topic given news about fraud that recently happened at R & L Investments, the 50-year old stock brokerage that suffered from PhP700 million loss due to fraudulent transactions.

Assistant Vice President and Head of the Surveillance Department

In order to digest all these presentations, the participants were given a short coffee break. The session resumed with the short presentations of two brokers. Fernando Martinez of Eagle Equities talked about practical tips in investing with a traditional broker and matters on the psychology of investing.

Mr. Fernando Martinez from Eagle Equities, Inc.

He was followed by Dino Bate, president of COL Financial who spoke about practical tips in investing with an online stock broker. He delivered his message using three characters named Dennis Disiplinado, Sarah Sigurista, and Mario Matatakutin.

COL Financial Group President & CEO

Before I started the panel discussion, I reminded the audience that despite the fact that the stock market provides the highest returns in the long run among all asset classes, only a miniscule less than 1% of our population is investing in it.

FQ Mom Rose Fres Fausto moderates the breakout session.

I briefly talked about one fundamental reason why. It is called Loss Aversion.

What is Loss Aversion?

This is the Bahavioral Economics principle that explains the way we treat wins or gains and losses. Let’s say we gain PhP1,000 and we get 1,000 pleasure or happy points for that. Rationally, if we lose that same amount, we should get negative 1,000 happy points or 1,000 pain points. Unfortunately, we are not wired like a computer. We are wired to feel the impact of a loss twice as much as the impact of a gain. So, losing that same 1,000 pesos that gave us 1,000 pleasure points will translate to 2,000 pain points. The Tagalog saying, “Pera na naging bato pa!” really feels awful.

Since this is the way humans are wired, we would rather avoid losses than try to acquire gains. In the stock market, we feel this loss every single day, in fact every single minute if we watch it all the time! So that is the psychological bias that works against us, making us shy away from this important investment vehicle that we should all take part in.

But you know what the real loss is?

It is when you reach the age of 60 and you look back and see the difference of earnings that you could have made if you just calmly, routinely, regularly, and automatically invested in the stock market.

Let me say it again. Everyone must have equity investments in their retirement portfolio. And the most efficient way is to just invest in equity index funds, no need to try to beat the market. It’s a zero-sum game. You are better off just automating it, then do what you do best, which hopefully is your own profession.

The panel discussion on Stock Market Investing moderated by the author with panelists Dino Bate, Fernando Martinez, Roel Refran, Grace Calubaquib, and Sarah Padilla

Cheers to relaxed equity investing!



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