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Jun 03, 2015

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I continue to receive feedback on the Family FQ Workshop. I wish to share some with you. You may also learn a tip or two from some of them.


“I just want to share with you how the workshop has helped me and my family. After the workshop, I thought of how to reduce our grocery expenses. That same weekend, I did not buy our seafood/meat, etc. on a random basis as I used to. I first wrote down the menu for the week with corresponding weight per meat, per meal, per day, then used it as my guide in the grocery. When I got home I segregated, packed and labeled them according to the days of the week. I also documented the things I bought using excel. By doing this, I get to have a reasonable average meal cost per day. I was able to save P900 per week. What more, my husband really enjoyed the meal because he liked the combination. I also reduced the stress of our helper who used to think of what meal to cook. I tweaked the menus so they’re not as boring as our usual ones. This preparation also reduced our left-overs. So I did not only save money but also made our meals better, my family and our helper all happier.

Another saving action that I did was on clothing expenses. When we attend weddings, I would usually buy a dress worth P3,000. There was a time we attended a wedding every week. So recently, I decided to put my dressmaking skills to good use. The other Sunday we attended a wedding wearing a dress I made myself! I spent less than P1,000 for the cloth, and I think I can still make a blouse out of the extra materials. My son also enjoys wearing the costumes I make for him. I look forward to reducing my monthly budget for clothes as I can also make some pieces for my office wardrobe now.” – Michelle R.

“We enjoyed every bit of the workshop, including the dancing. What makes the worskshop so different is your boys’ collective FQ, a testimonial to you and Marvin’s dedication to parenting. It’s almost like the saying, ‘The family that prays together stays together.’ Congratulations!” – Dr. L.

“Salamat po sa pagkakataon na mapakinggan ang inyong pamilya. Bilang kawani ng DepEd, sana po ay makagawa kayo ng isang workshop para matulungan ang mga guro lalo na yong mga may utang para mabayaran na nila ito at masimulan na ang lakbay tungo sa financial freedom. Patuloy po sana kayong biyayaan ng Maykapal.” – C. Ocampo

“I would like to congratulate you and your family for a successful workshop. My husband and I got more ideas on how to raise our kids. I really admire how you raise your boys to have the same talent, passion and skill in public speaking. I hope my toddlers would be like them someday, truly inspiring to a lot of families. My biggest takeaway from it was the annual family goal setting. This is really a good start. My husband and I just realized that we have not set our long-term plans yet. It’s something that we want to practice as a family as well. Again, thank you for sharing your advocacies to other families. God bless! More power and more workshops!” – Cheng

“Thank you for sharing your high FQ with other families. Everyone in our family had a great time during the workshop. We liked the video as well, we hope to see more photos!” – E.R.

“Praise be Jesus Christ! I would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to your family for your sharing of your knowledge and family values on financial aspects. After the Family FQ Workshop I shared and discussed the topics I learned with my sisters. I even shared with them the childhood money memory.” – Liza M 

“Thank you and congratulations to your family. You’re amazing! We’re now back in Doha, Qatar and we’re glad to have attended your Family FQ Workshop during our Pinas vacation. It was full of learning and fun! J” – Jerriper M.

“Your workshop was really very useful. Right after the workshop, we opened our children’s COL accounts. I’ve also been giving ‘mini-lectures’ to my friends and family, sharing what I learned with anyone who’s interested to listen. You know, after the workshop one of my sons went out with his groupmates and found out a sad reality. One of his friends has been abandoned by his parents. It’s been a year now since his parents left all six of them with an aunt. The reason: The parents are running away from huge debts! This cemented the importance of really having a high FQ in my son’s mind. He realized what terrible things mismanaged finances can bring. He realized that when left unchecked, money problems can break families and it could happen to people like him!” – N.B.


All of the above make all our family efforts and the risks we took in sharing what we know worthwhile. We have a long way to go, but we remain optimistic. Cheers to high, united and happy FQ, one family at a time!

As my youngest son said, “The family that learns about money together lives a richer life together!” (and that’s more than just the monetary sense of the word.)


  1. I will speak at the Sun Life Bloggers Event on June 8, 2015 Monday at the Sun Life Center at 10:30 am. This is in line with the celebration of Financial Independence Month this June.
  2. I will also speak at the #FitToLiveFree on June 20, 2015 at the SMX MOA Function Room 4. Event starts at 9am, and my talk is at 11:20am. This is also in line with Sun Life’s Financial Independence Month.

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