Bo Sanchez on FQ Book 2

Bo Sanchez on FQ Book 2

Apr 16, 2021

Bo Sanchez is the popular lay minister in blue jeans. He is the founder of the Truly Rich Club, Feast (formerly Kerygma), Anawim, and the leader of a very large and engaged Catholic community who gather every Sunday in what is called The Feast (mass and gospel discussions in very relevant fashion, complete with songs, etc.). He is a prolific writer with numerous bestselling books, an entrepreneur, and a popular advocate for financial wellness. I have known Bro. Bo personally since I interviewed his late mom, Pilar Sanchez, for my very first book Raising Pinoy Boys. I have been a contributor to his magazines – Feast and Wealth Strategies for years now.

He wrote the Foreword of FQ Book 1.

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