Are you on the road to a richer life?

Are you on the road to a richer life?

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Oct 30, 2019

This is my first full week back at the office after my study trip abroad. My husband Marvin and I took up a Behavioral Economics course at the Harvard Business School (more on this in future articles). Someone asked me how I was able to still publish my weekly articles and FQwentuhans while away. My answer, “I, together with my staff, prepared them all prior to my trip.” ?

My first official activity after the trip was to take part in the Road to Richer Life Event of COL Financial, Inc., in line with its 20th anniversary celebration.

What is special about this COL event is that it is their first non-investment related big event, or should I say non-monetary investment, because it was about that all-important investment in the self.

Some 800 COL clients gathered at the SMX MOA last Friday for a whole day affair of listening and interacting with esteemed speakers namely:

  1. Dr. Honey Carandang – our keynote speaker who tackled A Richer Life Inside Out is our country’s top psychologist, and National Social Scientist Awardee. She talked about the importance of having a mindful and balanced life in today’s fast changing and technology-driven world.
The keynote speaker Dr. Honey Carandang, top psychologist and National Social Scientist

    2. Arun Gogna – international motivational speaker who talked about how to create material wealth and manage one’s relationship with money in his humurous manner, making fun of his Indian genes.
Arun Gogna, international motivational speaker

    3. Dr. Romy Paredes – the founder of Wellness Health Institute and Wellnessland Wholeness Center, talked about “self-health empowerment” and treating the root cause of illness instead of the symptoms.
Dr. Romy Paredes, founder of Wellness Health Institute

    4. Victor Paterno – President and CEO of 7-Eleven Philippines who talked about the biggest challenges he faced and how these helped him become the man and leader he is today.
Victor Paterno, CEO of 7-Eleven

    5. Mia Tijam – Executive and Life Coach of Talent Management and Development who talked about how to understand the changes we make in ourselves in order to transition from where we are to where we want to be to succeed in the journey to a richer life.
Mia Tijiam, Executive & Life Coach

I was privileged to introduce our keynote speaker and moderate the Q&A right after her talk. ANC On The Money co-anchor Salve Duplito moderated those for the other speakers. It’s worth mentioning that two OFWs from Singapore whom I personally know, Richard Macalintal and Rex Holgado of #FinanciallyLiteratePh, also joined the last leg of the Q&A to share their experiences. These two are very dedicated Filipinos who tirelessly conduct finance talks for our kababayans in their host country. Marvin and I have had the opportunity of giving talks they arranged in Singapore.

From left to right Richard Macalintal, the author, Marvin Fausto, Rex Holgado

The event was hosted by Mayi Lubaton and Bryan Endaya and the opening remarks was delivered by COL president Dino Bate.

Congratulations COL on your 20th anniversary. This was indeed a generous gesture to your clients. May you continue to educate and engage Filipinos in their journey to achieve a richer life! I hope that the 800 attendees took home important lessons to live by.

For everyone reading this piece, especially those who seem to be on that endless treadmill of life constantly running but going nowhere, please remember to pause, assess what’s going on, and be mindful.

As a permanent fixture in my FQ teachings, I always remind people to make sure that what they do with or for money should align with their core values; otherwise, no amount of money in this world can make them happy.

Being oblivious to the above may result in a feeling of emptiness and even depression despite material abundance. This is a sign that one has to pause, and start being mindful. The above alignment is indeed a necessary ingredient in having a richer life.

I’m sharing a short video on the portion covered by the FQMom staff during the event. Cheers to a richer life!



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