A Letter of Gratitude

A Letter of Gratitude

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May 12, 2015

Dear Workshop Participant,

We wish to thank you very much for coming to the Family FQ Workshop by the Faustos last Saturday. We hope that spending your weekend afternoon with us and your family was well worth it.

We are overwhelmed with the results of your feedback forms. It was all worth the Holy Week marathon meetings, brainstorming, rehearsals ‘til late night, giving up gimmicks on the part of the boys, stress and other challenges that came with the preparations. To those who still want to give their feedback, you may still send them in via email.

There were a number of McDonald’s food packs and Kambal Pandesal packs and boxes, juice drinks and coffee which were not consumed and we would like to apologize for the inability to distribute them to all the participants more efficiently.

To the early birds (those who registered on or before April 17) who did not pick up their free Ang Muling Pagsasalaysay ng Ang Pinakamayamang Tao sa Babilonya from the coordinators, you may still claim the book at the COL Financial office of Marvin, just look for Lecille Guades.

What’s next?

As Marvin shared in his talk, a study shows that it takes a lot more than education to improve the financial literacy of the people, and that only a low 6% improve their condition after attending financial literacy talks.

This is where we want to differ. Since we’re targeting the family, we are hoping that the reinforcement would be stronger. We encourage you to bring in the family in this journey.

That is why we were so happy to receive not just your great feedback on the workshop itself but also the feedback/update on what you’ve done after it. Some families shared with us that:

  1. Right after the workshop, they discussed the lessons during dinner, involving some of the family members who were absent.
  2. Children asked their parents to allow them to be actively involved in investing their money.
  3. Children (and parents) opened their COL accounts and bank accounts.
  4. Husband and wife scheduled their family trip and will include setting goals together as a family in the itinerary.
  5. They brought home copies of the book to share the 3 basic laws of money to their loved ones.
  6. They will implement the ABCs of building wealth in their family asap.
  7. They will teach money to their children and loved ones in a fun way.
  8. They will move some of their cash from savings/current accounts and time deposits to higher yielding investment instruments.

Thank you for sharing and congratulations on your immediate actions. To all our workshop participants, please try to incorporate something that works for you and your family that would make you do these things automatically because let’s face it, too often the mind is willing but the body is weak. 🙂

You can also watch out for my articles on Behavioral Economics, which sometimes touch on this topic.


I am going to be the moderator for the topic Preserving Family Wealth Through Generations at the CFA Institute’s Philippine Retail Investment Conference on May 16, 2015. This gives me the perk to invite some guests for free.

Topics include the following:

Retirement Essentials

Creating a Personalized Investment Policy Statement

Frauds, Scams and Consumer Protection

12 Common Mistakes Investors Make

Risk and Return Outlook of Stocks, Bonds, Properties and Private Equity

How to Analyze Mutual Funds (to be handled by Marvin Fausto)

Preserving Family Wealth Through Generations

Poster w price

The ticket for this is at P2,500. If you’re interested to attend this for free as my guest, please email me immediately at FQMomm@gmail.com (that’s really double m) with subject: I Want to attend the May 16 Investment Conference for free, together with your name (or names if you have companion(s) and email address(es).

Please do this immediately so I can prioritize you before I open it to my other channels.

For the meantime, I wish to leave you with the onsite video that my son Martin did for us last Saturday.

Cheers to High FQ!



(with Marvin, Martin, Enrique & Anton)

Attribution: Image from silverweddinginvitations.com modified by the author to help deliver the message.