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Jun 16, 2011
The most significant fathers in my life

There are three important fathers in my life.

           First there’s my father Rufino Fres who’s called Pinong. He is a simple man with simple needs and wants. He is a funny guy and we all grew up hearing his recycled jokes and funny stories of his naughty childhood. He is a caring father who loves to sing putting us to sleep singing his favorite lullaby MoonRiver. Back then, his voice would stand out while singing Ama Namin in church and we, his children, would cringe a bit in embarrassment as all eyes turn to our pew trying to locate where that voice was coming from. But now that we’re all grown up, we encourage him to sing. He likes to sing a cappella so he can sing at his own tempo not worrying about his accompaniment and ending the song anytime he forgets the lyrics. You should have seen him serenading my mom as she marched down the aisle on their golden wedding anniversary singing’,“Ikaw lamang ang aking iibigin magpakailanman…” There were no dry eyes among the people in the church.

          Growing up with a father who showered not only his children but also his wife with lots of love and tremendous respect was a great factor in building my confidence as a woman. Maybe this is why I find it hard to understand why some women withstand abuse from their husbands, the very men who are supposed to protect them. I will forever be grateful to my dad for this gift.

         The next important father in my life is the father of my sons, Marvin. Maybe in some ways, he resembles my dad. He is patient like my dad. When the boys were growing up, he patiently listened to their stories and helped them with whatever. I admire his ability to drop what he’s doing to attend to or at least listen to a son’s request. I never heard him say, “Not now, I’m busy.” He is fun loving as well. He laughs out loud with the boys at the slightest sign of a joke. When the boys were younger, he enjoyed watching cartoon shows with them more than I did. Like my dad, he also had a signature lullaby but his is more patriotic, it’s Bahay Kubo. He also told them stories of his childhood which the boys enjoyed very much. And of course what can I say, he showers the boys and me with lots of love and respect. I know that he is always proud of me. In fact, he always gives me the credit for our sons’ achievements and for the happy moments we have as a family. But the truth is his part is just as big, if not bigger, in all these. My sons are very lucky to have a father they can look up to (no matter how much taller than Marvin they get) and at the same time laugh out loud with.

          Marvin seems to understand my dad more than I do. My father is over 80 years old now and could sometimes get stubborn like delaying his haircut and refusing to go out. Somehow, Marvin is the one who is able to convince him to do those things.

          The third father in my life is the one I share with all of you, our Father in heaven. And you know the best traits of Papang and Marvin (my human fathers) somewhat resemble how God is to us, His children. God is patient with us. We can call on Him anytime and He will never say, “Not now I’m busy!” He showers us with love and respect. He does not force His will on us as He gifted us with free will. It is up to us to seek His will and achieve real joy here on earth. Come to think of it, being a good father is really trying to resemble our Father in heaven.

          Now I wonder what God’s signature lullaby is?

          Happy Fathers’ Day to all the fathers out there!