The challenge of raising frugal children among the rich

The challenge of raising frugal children among the rich

Dec 11, 2019

One of the money myths discussed in FQ: The nth Intelligence is that it is hard to raise frugal children if you are rich. We see a lot of entitled children posting their expensive gizmos, outfits, vacations, etc. online that get their parents in trouble, especially public officials who claim to live simply.  

While it is challenging to teach frugality to your children in the midst of abundance, it is not impossible. In fact, there are also advantages of being rich when it comes to raising your children to have high FQ.

If you are rich, you already know a lot about money-making. It’s now a matter of teaching them those same values that made you financially successful instead of inadvertently spoiling them with material things.

Your challenge is how to hold off some luxuries that you can easily afford to shower your children with.

Let’s check. Do you buy them the same signature brands of clothing that you buy for yourself? Do you give them student allowance that’s at par with a manager’s salary? Here’s a tip you can use if you want to raise your children to be frugal. Give them allowance on the low side and make them bring baon (packed lunch and snacks). Don’t give in to every luxury or whim that they ask for due to peer pressure.

Do your kids fly business class because you do? Here’s another tip. Take it from a seventh generation descendant of the country’s oldest business house whose family is always on the Forbes’ Richest List: “We travelled on economy during our school years and during the early years when we started working. My parents would go on business and the kids in economy. We have done the same for our kids. The only exception is when only one young child is travelling alone with us in the plane. In that case, we give the child an upgrade! I didn’t start travelling on business until I was entitled to do so in the company, and until I could afford to pay it on my own. My kids will have to do the same.”

Here’s a good reminder for parents with means: delaying luxury to your young children is not being stingy but exercising responsible parenting. Once in a while luxuries are fine as long as they don’t become your kids’ minimum standard. In fact, your affluence should make you feel secure that they will not feel kawawa (pitiful) for not strutting off branded stuff and the latest gizmos all the time. Instead, they will even be admired for being simple despite your financial status.

Moreover, when job hunting comes, available starting salaries and benefits won’t pale in comparison to what they have gotten used to if you kept their allowance on the low side. Consequently, being financially independent from their rich parents will be easier once they start on their own.

For this week’s FQwentuhan, we talk to Dino Bate, president of COL Financial who had his kids a bit late in life. Join our conversation and learn how he tries to raise his children to have high FQ in a very comfortable family setting.

Cheers to high FQ!



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