Quarterly Assessments

Quarterly Assessments

Apr 03, 2019

Several years ago I was watching a very heated Ateneo-La Salle basketball game at a sports café. During the quarter break a “sosyal-looking” lady asked in her “worsh-worsh” accent, “How many quarters are there ba in a game?” ? Good thing I was able to zip my mouth, hahaha!


Yes Virginia there are four quarters! ?



I remember this incident because last Sunday we just ended our first quarter of the year. And just like that, one-fourth of the time we need to accomplish our lofty goals we set out to do in 2019 is done! So where are you now? And why is quarterly assessment helpful? Why quarterly?


Maybe because one quarter (three months) is long enough to have accomplished something, yet short enough to still have time to tweak something that’s not working. We need one quarter to prompt us to pause and evaluate what works, what doesn’t.


In school students have quarterly assessments which coincide with the grading periods – first quarter, second, third, fourth.



I remember the times when the boys would bring home the good news, “Mama, I got honors!” I recall deliberately not buying them prizes because I didn’t want them to just study to get the rewards. I knew that learning was innate in every child, or every person for that matter, and I didn’t want to take that away from them by substituting the motivation with prizes. But to make them feel the joy, we celebrated their triumphs by eating out, or buying them a cake with a dedication, “Congratulations! You did it again!”


It was only later on when they were a lot older when Marvin would say something like, “What does my honor son want for his prize?” He figured that the excitement of the prize was already safe and okay since they were already grown up and had proven themselves to be intrinsically motivated when it comes to studying.


On the other hand, when our children are having difficulty with academic requirements, the quarterly assessments give them and us, their parents, a chance to figure out what changes to make in order to pass the subject, instead of just being shocked with an F mark at the end of the school year.


Grown up Quarterly Assessment

Both at work and in our family we try to do quarterly assessments. This Monday we just had our first quarter assessment at FQMom.com. There were key results that were achieved and there were those that were not. But there were also some pleasant surprises that came our way that help us achieve our long-term audacious dream of spreading the “gospel of FQ” and helping make investment really for everyone.


The assessment allows us to give ourselves a pat on the back, and a score card to guide us how to do even better, and tweak those that need tweaking.


Our family quarterly assessment will still happen one weekend this April because the two weekends closest to the quarter end did not allow us a complete attendance. Warning to parents of growing up kids, it gets harder to have a “quorum” as they older. ?


When the boys were still in grade school, I taught them how to prepare their own Balance Sheet and how to update it every quarter. That made them aware of where their money went, what investments were earning and what were not. Most of all, it provided them an alternative form of gratification when it comes to the use of money. You see, money is an abstract concept and teaching it to children is more effective if there is something tangible. In this case their Balance Sheet was that tool, helping them understand and experience that the use of money is not just for buying toys and other stuff but also for investing or making it grow. Seeing their money grow each time they updated their Balance Sheet on a quarterly basis felt like added pogi points, making it easier for them to buy stocks or funds instead of the latest gizmos! These quarterly updates also made them experience the highs and lows of the market and taught them the virtue of keeping calm and staying invested. ?



Quarterly Assessment Feedback from Readers

Last January 12, 2019 I had a meet-up and discussion of goal-setting with some of my readers. It was a fun and insightful morning for me and the participants. They all took the FQ Test online (click link to take yours) and found out where they were in their FQ journey. They also had games that included interaction among each other including sharing their answers to the questions, “What do you want to be at age 60? Put that picture in mind and let that 60-year old version of you talk to your present self now. What will he/she tell you?”



Then I shared with them how we do our Family Goal Setting. This is applicable to individuals, families, and even corporations. (Click What’s your goal setting template? to read more about it.)


I’m so happy that until now, I would still receive emails requesting for that goal-setting template. (If you wish to get your copy, email to FQMomm@gmail.com and Gem.FQMom@gmail.com with subject: Please send me Goal Setting Template, and we will forward it to you.)


What was even more thrilling was when I received accomplished quarterly assessments from some of the attendees. Thank you ladies, keep up the good work! I’m proud of you.


On Friday I will be sharing the highlights of that January 12 meet-up on our FQwentuhan. Watch out for it.


There are still three quarters left in 2019. So many things can still happen, so let’s do it! And let’s use this quarterly assessment as a tool to help us achieve our goals and dreams. Cheers to a great rest of the year to all of you! wallet-icon







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