Apr 16, 2012

Today is my first day of workout!

I’ve been wanting to have a regular workout program and I’ve tried a few times but I always found excuses to drop out of it. To begin with, I’ve never had any weight problem and I’m not saying this with hubris because I didn’t do anything to deserve this “genetic lottery” privilege but just to set the background why it was harder for me to feel the urgency to keep a workout regimen and healthy diet. Thanks to my parents genes, I can still fit in my clothes of decades ago. But I am fully aware that I am no longer a spring chicken and time is catching up with me. My sons are beginning to play with my “bat wings” and my husband would sometimes lovingly pinch my love handles. And even if their gestures are loving and cute they can’t help but annoy me a bit.

I observed myself to find out what triggers the dropping out or loss of interest in pursuing regular exercise and the biggest reason is I have never been athletic or even just physically active. My asthma which developed in my tweens gave me the excuse to go on being physically inactive. So when I start a workout regimen I never really push myself, baka hikain ako is always at the back of my mind. However, I must admit that working out regularly makes me feel good about myself. It’s just so hard to keep at it.

A friend who remains very sexy that sometimes she looks younger than her sons’ girlfriends said I have a hard time keeping at it because I haven’t made it a habit. So I tried to make it a habit. I bought this book which is workout everyday for 15 minutes. Can something really happen with 15 minutes? I think so, well better than nothing. What I did was I kept the book on my bedside table so it was the first thing I did in the morning, before my mind comes up with an alibi not to exercise. I was at it for quite a while but sometimes I would do short cuts, then I got sick and poof! I dropped out of it again.

I am trying another route. This time I’ve accepted that exercise does not really excite me so I have to have a more vivid incentive. In the past, my incentive was I want to live a long and healthy life with Marvin so we can enjoy our grandchildren. It’s a great goal and it is still my long term incentive but maybe it is not visually effective because a flabby lola can still enjoy her apos, right?

So I’ve made a new one – I want to be toned so I when we celebrate our silver wedding anniversary in 2014 I will look like I’m getting married for the first time! (Anyway, a lot of women these days postpone getting married). I’m tapping vanity now to get into a successful regimen. The timetable is more definite and being a toned bride is hopefully more visually effective than a happy lola!

I also acknowledge that I have to hire someone to come to the house so I avoid the traffic as a convenient alibi and so someone can “police” me if I do short cuts.

Last night I saved photo files of pretty brides wearing simple cut gowns that reveal their toned bodies. This morning I had my first session with a circuit trainer recommended by a friend.

I was really worked out! I was kinda pushed to the limit, I had to ask for some concessions, today being my first day anyway. The consolation was the stretching done by the trainer at the end of the one-hour session.

After the workout, I went up the stairs and my knees were wobbly, but it gave me a smile. A smile of hope as I visualize Pippa Middleton in her fabulous maid of honor gown in last year’s royal wedding! Hahaha! I’m shooting for the stars but what the heck!

Wish me luck!


P.S. This was intended for my private journal but maybe I decided to publish it to give myself a little pressure, more push to stay at it. Again, wish me luck! 🙂 Thanks.