13 Reasons Why (Why you should watch the 13 Episodes of FQ Live! this weekend)

13 Reasons Why (Why you should watch the 13 Episodes of FQ Live! this weekend)

May 19, 2017

Are you the type who loves to watch one video after another? Or would you rather let the message sink in before you go to the next?

Any which way you want it, here are the “13 Reasons Why” watching the first 13 episodes of FQ Live! (YouTube version complete with texts) may be good for you this weekend. ?

1. EGO DEPLETION – you’ll learn that it’s not about just the lack of will power that makes it hard for us to do the right thing. (Click this link to watch the video)

2. OOH ROMANCE! – you’ll learn about the importance of “kilig” in a relationship no matter how unromantic you think you and your partner are. ❤️  (Click this link to watch the video)

3. UNITED AS ONE HEART, ONE SOUL AND… ONE BALANCE SHEET – You will learn the importance of talking openly about money as a couple including the laws that govern your properties under marriage. (Click this link to watch the video)
4. WHAT IS THE PRICE WE PAY FOR FREE? – We are all suckers for LIBRE. This will teach you the real cost of these freebies we readily allow ourselves to receive. (Click this link to watch the video)

5. THE PROOF OF THE PUDDING IS IN THE EATING – this is for parents (& kids) who feel that they always disappoint each other. Pause and check how your kids have been. Maybe all you need is a bit more confidence in your children. (Click this link to watch the video)

6. FQ CUTIES: MILLENNIALS SHARING HIGHFQURIPOT TIPS. Join my conversation with a beauty queen friend of my sons, Christa Borja. She’s the Miss Philippines UK 2015 and was among top 15 in the recent Binibining Pilipinas 2017 and received the MB People’s Choice Award. (Click this link to watch the video)


7. WOMEN INSPIRING WOMEN – a Woman’s Month talk I gave at the Napolcom, my mom’s office for a good number or years. I spoke about how my mom raised me to be frugal, etc. Incidentally, right after that talk I travelled to Ilocos to visit my mom who was in the hospital. Little did I know that my trip back to Manila would already be with my mom’s ashes. (Click this link to watch the video)

8. MY HUSBAND’S OTHER BABY IS TURNING 20! – Ok this is not as controversial as my honey having an illegitimate child but about a group he co-founded and is now 2 decades old, the Fund Managers Association of the Philippines. You will learn from Marvin Fausto the role of FMAP and some tips on how to grow and strengthen a group of like-minded competitors. (Click this link to watch the video)

9. LOSS AVERSION – Learn about this important Behavioral Economics principle that says that the impact of a loss is twice as much as the impact of a gain. See how you can apply it in your investing, business, employee productivity and other aspects of life. (Click this link to watch the video)

10. MYOPIC LOSS AVERSION – Understand why 99% of our population does not invest in the stock market despite it being the asset class that gives the highest returns in the long run. We are joined by the Founder & Chairman of COL Financial, the largest online stock brokerage in the country, MR. EDWARD LEE. (Click this link to watch the video)

11. IS IT RIGHT FOR PARENTS TO DEMAND SUPPORT FROM THEIR CHILDREN IN EXCHANGE FOR RAISING THEM? – Join me in this friendly debate between 2 millennials – Floi Wycoco & Joy Sanchez of The Global Filipino Investors. I myself learned something new on this matter. (Click this link to watch the video)

12. DISTURBED BY 13 REASONS WHY – If you have millennial children, you must have heard of this hit tv series. Join me in my discussion with family and relationship experts Maribel Dionisio and Aiza Tabayoyong about SUICIDE. (Click this link to watch the video)

13. SUNK COST FALLACY – Join me as I discuss this Behavioral Economics principle that affects our decision making. Our guest is the Warren Buffett of the Philippines WILSON SY, fund manager or PhilEquity and Chairman of Wealth Securities. (Click this link to watch the video)


Have a happy and insightful weekend everyone! wallet-icon