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Hi there, welcome to FQMom.com!


I’m Rose Fres Fausto, an investment banker turned full-time homemaker and now author, columnist and speaker on purposeful parenting, financial literacy and other topics that go with these advocacies  (Womanhood, Behavioral Economics, etc.). I am married to Marvin (the founding president of the Fund Managers Association of the Philippines) and we have three sons Martin, Enrique and Anton.


The Serious Stuff: I graduated with honors from the Ateneo de Manila University with a degree in A.B. Economics in 1985. I started my career as a Credit Analyst at Far East Bank & Trust Co., and then moved to Corporate Finance of some of the top investment houses in the ‘90s (FEB Investments, Inc. and All Asia Capital & Trust Co. as Assistant Vice-President). I also had a five-year stint as a Financial Consultant to a USAID project on renewable energy.


The Not So Serious Stuff: I love giving crazy pet names to my loved ones that I pluck from nowhere.  I always have fun with my Honey – we still go out on dates, dance at home every week and we both love to mimic other people. I care about what I wear when I step out of the house, but I still can’t get rid of my old almost tattered pambahays. I have a very poor sense of direction that I easily get lost. But all my boys say that I am their life compass.


The Profound Stuff: I wrote my first book Raising Pinoy Boys with hesitation but was propelled by my midlife need to share what I and the mothers of successful Pinoy men learned along the way. The chapter on Money Matters where I introduced the term FQ (Financial Intelligence Quotient) became the common favorite and gave way to my PhilStar.com weekly column Raising Children with High FQ and The Retelling of the Richest Man in Babylon (in English and Filipino versions).


Increasing everyone’s FQ is now a family advocacy and through our individual and family efforts, we hope to increase the FQ of Filipinos, one family at a time. (Find out how)(Please see sidebar to know more about FQ Mom.)


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