What Kind of Mindset Do You Have? (The Perils of Overpraising)

Are you always praising your children how smart, talented, creative, intelligent they are? I have news for you. Stop doing that; otherwise, you stand to harm them.

In her two decades of research discussed in the book entitled Mindset (The New Psychology of Success) Stanford professor Carol Dweck warns us of the danger of raising children with fixed mindset by praising abilities…


The Problem with Reality TV and Crazy Gory News (A Reflection on How We’ve Distorted the Meaning of AUTHENTIC)

Reality tv continuously films real people and is primarily designed to be entertaining rather than informative. Programs like this dominate the top spots in ratings; consequently, they get more sponsors and gain wider popularity.

Kim Kardashian is a reality tv icon who first gained media attention…



This August I am happy to join Crossroads as a regular contributor. Crossroads is a magazine published bi-monthly by the Catechetical Media Network (CMN-Asia, Inc.) in cooperation with Rex-Crown Publications, Inc. It is a convergence of thoughts, features and reflections for the youth. It is a supplemental reading…