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Milestone Wedding Gifts (I ❤ Weddings Series #8)

Today we mark the first anniversary of our Silver Wedding Anniversary! Confused? Okay, it’s our 26th wedding anniversary. And it took me a year before I decided to share Marvin’s spectacular wedding gift.

I don’t remember if we gave each other special wedding gifts back in 1989. Maybe letters? Probably, we assumed that the wedding and our forthcoming honeymoon…

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Unravelling the Heart and Soul of Philequity Fund (Wilson Sy’s Story and Book Launch)

Last Saturday I attended the book launch of Wilson Sy’s Opportunity of a Lifetime at the Meralco Theater. Who is Wilson Sy? He may not yet be a household name among common Pinoys, but to anyone who invests in the Philippine Stock Market, it’s impossible not to know this formidable force. He, according to his mentor Washington Sycip, is the heart and soul of Philequity Fund, a mutual fund that has successfully delivered…


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On July 27, 2015, President Noynoy Aquino delivered his last State of the Nation Address (SONA). And since I live in Q.C. it made sense to avoid going out of the house and risk getting stuck in traffic. So I equipped myself for an afternoon of front row viewing of this milestone show of PNoy.

In earlier news, I heard some protesters complaining about the overkill preparations…