Asset-Rich But Illiquid Parents

Question: Hi Rose. My parents are asset-rich but not liquid. Now that they’re old, they need more cash for their medical and other needs. I’ve suggested to them that they sell some of their real estate properties. For one, their house has become too big for them. However, they are not happy with that idea. They also say that they want to leave something for us to inherit so they’d rather not. How can I convince them?..

Veloso Brides at My Mother’s Garden (I ❤ Weddings Series #7)

Letlet Veloso has been a part of my multi-wedding life! She and sister Vicky made my first wedding gown in 1989. Ten years after, I went back to her (by 1999 older sister Vicky had already moved to cooking and writing) to have my Tin (yup that’s tin for the 10th) Anniversary wedding gown made. At that time, the fad was the super simple Carolyn Bessette Kennedy wedding dress…


I continue to receive feedback on the Family FQ Workshop. I wish to share some with you. You may also learn a tip or two from some of them.

“I just want to share with you how the workshop has helped me and my family. After the workshop, I thought of how to reduce our grocery expenses. That same weekend, I did not buy our seafood/meat, etc. on a random basis as I used to. I first wrote down the menu for the week with corresponding weight…