Don't settle FQ

Don’t Settle

Don’t settle! I loved it when I first heard the speech of Steve Jobs during the graduation rites at Stanford University in 2005. It’s because I adhere to the principles he mentioned, particularly this one about not settling.

What does “don’t settle” really mean? It means you will not accept something that is less than what you want. A very common Filipino expression is puede na…

02 FATHER Marvin Poster

The Head of our Family

And now it’s Marvin’s turn to invite you. The Honey graduated from ADMU in 1983 with a degree in Management Engineering. Soon after, he worked at Far East Bank & Trust Co., and that’s where we met. 🙂

Marvin will talk about how he leads our family on May 9. I’ve always been very thankful that he actively participated in bringing up our sons despite being busy with work. He is the founding president …

03 MOTHER Rose Poster

It’s My Turn!

The title of today’s post is dual meaning. First, it’s my turn to publish my poster for our main event on May 9. If you noticed, over the last few days we’ve been posting the individual posters of the boys. Today is the momma’s turn. 🙂

The other meaning is what I’ve been feeling when I see my sons gladly help me in putting this workshop together. As you may know, I resigned from my investment banking job…